Monday, May 9, 2011

Catch Up!

Oh..the things that come flooding back when you upload your camera and phone! : )

Our week in review.  Heehee.
Clay's new hair style:

He says it's NOT Justin Bieber style.

My little mess (created by my littlest mess):

I should be more specific.  It's the mess of Fruity Pebbles on the floor!

..and on the counter.
And here is one from the wedding shower at Mojitos we went to last Sunday, Mary Claire's first baby shower!  And how beautiful is Gaby? : )

And here are the very limited (in number!) invitations for Mary Claire's sleepover next week (we had a sleepover two years ago, and last year she had no party, this year we limited to four girls-it can get kinda wild! : )  We are coming back from Florida on Friday, and having the party on Saturday-advance apologies for anyone we didn't invite!!  I wish we could do more, but I'm in over my head!!):
the fronts of the scrapbook/invitations, before I tied them closed with ribbon ; )

the inside with the actual invitation, and tabs inside the bag opening-one for Pictures (that we'll print from the party!) and one for directions!
And my wonderful Mother's Day!  We had a great morning in bed, uploading music from new cd's for Mary Claire's birthday, and shopping for more songs on itunes!  Then, church, lunch out, and park time with my parents.  The kids played out in the beautiful weather, and got all tired (making for awesome bedtimes), then we took my van for its checkup with our insurance company.  They had a "catastrophe" team evaluating all the hail damage.  We apparently have over $4000 damage just on my van (Ches' had $3700!), so now we have to get them fixed.  I'm taking mine in today to see if they can work on it while we are in Florida (leaving today!).  Oh!  Here are some pictures of us outside sweating:

She was sick from the merry-go-round, but attempted to smile. : )
And my last one.  The one that tells me once in a great while I rock!  It happens so rarely, I had to take a picture.  Mary Claire got up at 3:30 this morning feeling low (wish I had a constant glucose monitor, so I'd have known she was low before she had to make her way downstairs alone!), and she was 58.  I gave her a sugar tablet and a yogurt drink, and she stayed with me till she came up.  Then, I reset her basal to 93%, and let her go to bed.  She woke up at 100.  This. Never. Happens.  So guess what we are doing?  Going to Disney World to celebrate!!! ; )

..and just so you know-I don't rock for long.  By 9:40 at her school check, she was 314!  All that adrenaline pumping through her veins is rocking her blood sugar!  She can't wait to go!  (She even told her nurse, "two more blood checks, and I won't see you for a week!") (but now it's three more blood checks..)


Heidi / D-Tales said...

Sorry I haven't commented in a while. Life is getting in the way of my blog reading!!!

Justin style or not, Clay's new 'do is adorable.

Kid messes happen every day at my house!

You are so creative. Those invitations are beautiful!

Happy Belated Mother's Day! Looks as though you enjoyed a lovely day. :)

Oh, yeah, celebrate that 100!

Have a wonderful time in Disney World!!!

Meri said...

Hey, we have to celebrate our victories, even if they only last 10 minutes!

You have a beautiful family!

Holly said...

Thanks, ladies!! : )
Heidi-life is getting in the way of me WRITING!! hahaha! I totally understand : )

Thanks, Mer! We do have to celebrate, cause they'll be over so fast! and thanks ; )

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! Thank you so much for sharing those family moments!

Jen Snow said...

Have a wonderful time!! :) We will see you on Saturday. Take a moment or two in between time and just ...breathe.... :)

Unknown said...

Wahooooooooooo for Disney World Holly. And, ofcourse you need to celebrate your short-lived 100. It is a piece of the big pic right?!

Great photos btw.

Leigh said...

Darn it, Buzz! I hate when he makes messes in our house! Ha!! ; ) I love Mary Claire's invites! They are so cute! We definitely need to get together when you get home from Disney!! I feel like I am so lucky to find a real mom from the DOC that I live near and can be friend's with IRL! Just get ready... Haha! I feel like I need to start a list of all the things I have thought that I need to ask you! : ) Mostly about D and school! I am getting nervous about (kind of) starting next year! :) It's just pre-k, but we'll have field trips and all kinds of things like that! :)