Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sugar Cubes and Sweeties

Hey Ya'll!  Did we have a gorgeous day or what? : )  Thankful for our 67 degrees in Arkansas today.  I had a crazy day..but that' my normal. ; )

I got a call about 9:30 that Mary Claire felt low, and didn't have her meter at school!  I had rollers in my hair, wasn't dressed, and Ethan was still in jammies, and wasn't having any of that crazy clothes-stuff, he was quite happy and comfy in his pajamas!  I just let him go As Is, and we ran up to the school.  I had to give her the meter from the kitchen drawer since I couldn't find her school meter either!  I think she might have left it in her girl scout bag from last night.  Anyway, I had her eat two sugar tablets (then she ate a peanut butter cracker), and by the time I got there to check her, she was 164.  Not bad.  Sometimes it's good I don't see the low number.  (That was 12 grams all together, and she usually goes up 25 for every 3.1 grams she eats!)

Anyway, then back home to get ready for Clay's eleven o'clock appointment, and back to the school to get him.  ..Get this.  He was gone!  He was on a field trip (I guess I signed the permission slip so long ago, I didn't even remember!), so I had to make the embarrassing phone call to the doctor's office to tell them my child was not at school, busy, I couldn't get him, on a field trip.  I felt so bad!  I rescheduled... and..on the upside: my schedule opened up by an hour!

Ethan and I went to Justice to redeem our 'bucks for Mary Claire since they expired today.  Then we went to the grocery store, and home to make dinner (Taco Soup in the crock pot) (since we'll all be home late) and little cream cheese and pineapple finger sandwiches for our tea party at four!

Then the Mom & Me tea (..with the boys since Ches was working, but it went pretty well!), at the Botanical Garden of the Ozarks-everything was in bloom, and there was a new concrete train I hadn't seen, and Ethan and I rocked in the swings in the Arkansas garden, they played in the "bird's nest" in the Fairy Garden.  We stayed until the sun was dropping, then home for dinner, baths, and more homework.  They still aren't done!  Sadly, the homework ended in tears.  (Yeah, Mary Claire too!)  We're all really tired.  Maybe we'll catch up in a couple days?

Here are our latest pictures: (I forgot we had a Girl Scout patch ceremony on Sunday!)
Girl Scouts!  Last Ceremony of the Year

They sang her Happy Birthday! : )

With her new patches!

Our plate of Pineapple Cream Cheese Sandwiches for the Tea!

We had an Awesome Tea!  She's explaining to us about the fresh rosehips, sage, chamomile, etc!

Look at our beautiful table!

..and did you need a closeup of those flowers like I did?  Gorgeous!  (there was a wedding there this weekend, so we were blessed with their leftovers!)

Mary Claire with her table

Ethan is in sugar heaven-he was seriously SO happy!

Thanks, Sandra, for taking group pictures! : )

This is the backdrop for outdoor weddings

And here is a small barn, a doorway to the Fairy Garden!

And she's up the ladder!

The boys went through another bamboo tunnel to see the Train!  It's solid concrete with little couches for the train cars, it's for a class.

This was the walkway : )

Ahh..finally got a chance to be the engineer and ring the bell!

This is called the Bird's Nest.  It's man-made, but now, there are vines (jasmine maybe?) covering the metal "branches".

This is the Egg-all iron!

Ahh..my favorite spot!

I was enjoying myself so much, I wanted a picture to remember our swinging, but he got all bashful!

A huge bug and three "flowers"

back to the bird's nest!

and then one last look from the Barn! (this is a Perfect Outlook for the big lawn where the weddings are set up!)

Glad you got to come, sweet boys!

And the last picture of the day.  He hugged her while she got her site change tonight.  She didn't even flinch-even though it was on her tummy!  (He said he'd hug her every time-I don't know what caused the change, but I LOVE it!!)


Heidi / D-Tales said...

Love the pic of Clay hugging Mary Claire! Precious!

Beautiful scenery! The tea looked like fun.

You reminded me about our Justice bucks...which are now sitting in my wallet expired. Now that was dumb, wasn't it?! I'm not going to tell Madeline. ;)

Holly said...

Heidi, you are so sweet-thank you!
The good news is the new Justice bucks started yesterday!: ) I think till June 25 maybe?
I wasn't totally impressed, so maybe it was better. I miss the cute skirts and tanks from last year, but they did have some super cute fluffy skirts! : )

Heidi / D-Tales said...

Oh, good! Maybe mine aren't expired! Madeline needs some new swim suits, and for the past two years, she's found the cutest suits there. I'll check out the fluffy skirts, too. That's right up her alley! She likes the track shorts they have there now, too. Just thinking about all this clothing for her has me crossing my fingers that my Justice bucks haven't expired!!!

Holly said...

Oops. I mean the New Justice bucks started yesterday. I have two if you want them! They are each $25 off!
: ) You can FB your address if you want them! There was nothing I still wanted : ) Really!