Sunday, May 15, 2011

Happy Birthday, My Princess!

My goodness, we've had fun! : )  We had a sleepover birthday party last night for Mary Claire and her ninth birthday is today.  Sweet, sweet girl.  I was so proud of the girls-they really slept! ; )  From about 11:30 till almost seven, sleep-heavenly-sleep.  And they were all very good, it was so easy taking them to the movies (to see Rio since Soul Surfer was sold out!!), and I thought they were wonderful.  Maybe it was a smaller group, maybe it was me?  Who knows!  I totally didn't clean up the house (I left it pretty clean when we left on Monday), and we went to the grocery store and got junk (I just let her put whatever she wanted into the was her birthday!), she threw in Cheetos, Cap'n Crunch, mint chocolate chip ice cream..we didn't even get to eat it all!  It was just a relaxed evening doing whatever she wanted.  We even made lip balm this morning from a kit she got for her birthday! : )
After the movie, we came back to the house to have Hello Kitty cake! 

Rick's Bakery has amazing cake artists!!

She chose H-A-P-P-Y  B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y candles!  There were sooo many to light!

And he really wanted to make a wish ; )

She had a great party!

..and she is incredibly blessed to have wonderful, well-behaved friends! : )

Momma loves you, Sissy!

I will always remember her this way: sucking her thumb, holding her lamby.  We were trying to get good pictures of her (sans Lamby), and she kept sucking, so I just told the photographer to go ahead and take the picture.  This was my girl.

But here's one minus Lamby.  With my cutie boy.  They were precious!  (Notice the glare?  They are pictures of pictures in frames!) ; )  (yeah, kinda lazy today!)
Happy, happy, happy birthday, Mary Claire!!!  I'm so thankful for the gift of You.  Diabetes and all.  And super thankful for the 88 blood sugar this morning-I didn't totally mess you up last night! ; )  ..after pbj, popcorn, Reese's pieces, fruit snacks, cake (..and a 304!!)  Now we can still enjoy your dinner choice: IHOP!  Hahahaha, only when you are nine! :)


The Mom said...

Fun fun fun!!!! Beautiful MC and beautiful cake! She had a fantastic birthday and precious memories!
Dinner was a good time as well. We ate too much. L & H

Leigh said...

Awww! What a cutie! So glad you guys had a successful birthday party!! :) Emma and I saw the little girl in the longer pink dress with the white cardigan and orange bow at church yesterday morning. I was telling Emma how cute I thought she looked in that dress. :) Small world! And I loved all your Disney pictures! How fun! You guys are such a cute family!! :)

Heidi / D-Tales said...

Happy, happy birthday Mary Claire!!! May this be the beginning of a wonderful year for you!

I've seen Rick's cakes on other blogs, and I have serious bakery envy. Gorgeous cakes! Love the Hello Kitty cake! Do they taste as good as they look?

Holly said...

We DID have a great time at dinner!! But, I have no pictures!!

Leigh, thank you! It was great! That is Olivia, and she is so sweet. I did her hair, and stuck the orange bow in..I knew you'd see it! heehee
; )
Heidi! Yes, Rick's is the best, and tastes amazing! (That's why I'll pay for them!!) hahaha! (for Momma leftovers!)