Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mickey Mouse Hugs

We made it!  We flew in yesterday, and were sooo tired.  We had a very late night, but Today.  Today, we hit it hard. : )  Woo-Hoo, we love Disney!
We thought we were beyond this...but No.  He isn't so much a walker.  And All-Day Walker.

And we got to see the (old) HSM cast singing Determinate-one of the songs we just bought on iTunes! : )

Not bad, huh?  First shot!  They are figuring me out.  Get it right the first time, and done!

We split up: Ches went to get Fast Passes to Toy Story Mania, and we headed over to Tower of Terror!  But we stopped by Sorcerer Mickey for a picture with Disney's colorful creation (with God's help)!

Oh my, he's grown up!!!  This is us inside Tower of Terror ; )

Love that we can all ride scary rides together!  A super sweet girl gave us her fast passes since she wasn't going to use them! : )

And next?  Aerosmith's Rockin' Roller Coaster!  This is our usual path.  We don't deviate. ; )

Waiting to get on the roller coaster : )

Oh-my-goodness!  He's big enough to ride Tower of Terror--AND wanted to go on!!!

But.  Chicken'd out and hid.  I was absolutely okay with it..I was secretly scared for him to get on there!

Instead...we shopped around while we waited on the big kids.  Here are the gummy suckers I want.  Please.

Then while they rode the Rockin' Roller coaster one more time, I took Ethan to the Beauty and the Beast show.  The costumes were amazing, and we really liked it!

The big finale. ; )

He was sad I had no coins.  No coins = no wishes.  He thinks.

And then..some shopping.  He wanted this giant Buzz hat.  And Ches wanted to GET it for him.  Ha.

A frozen lemonade and some sequined Minnie ears.  What's better?

Next, we fit in some characters.  And while convincing Ethan to be really good..he shared how he could fit his fist in his mouth.  So proud of him.

Love. This. Mickey.  He hugged my kids like he hadn't seen them in a whole YEAR! : )

And this is AWFUL-I have a super-low chest with a strapless bra.  I'll certainly be doing better next time.  I'll have more Support.  (Ethan was trying to be a ninja.)

We love you, Incredibles!

And we had music and art lessons.

Tried to go back to Toy Story Mania, fast passes were out for the DAY by 10.  The wait was 55 minutes and jumped to 70 while we were debating the wait!

Then..on to see the Cars again!

..but apparently they are the latest or greatest anymore?  They had Lightning McQueen and 'Mater covered up, and Phineas and Ferb are coming!

(Yes, Ethan is in the stroller!)  We are now at the Muppet Theater.  They are not excited, but they've gotten to do big kid stuff, and there's a Trade Off.

Ethan taking aim at Gonzo.

Hahahahaha!  I need a Strap-On Breath Deflector.  and an Anvil Repair Kit.  For when mine breaks.

Want your helmets with or without fungus and mold?

They are so excited!  It's PlayTime!

With the girl in the black shirt!! No, no, no (I failed to crop-I'm in a hurry!)...at Honey I Shrunk the Kids Movie Set!

She's been shrunk!  She's bug-sized in the backyard!

Obviously there's a time gap, but here is Ethan sprinting to the car!  Can you believe my digital camera caught his feet-BOTH off the ground!?

More time gaps..we had an hour of "Reception" at the hotel (including margaritas, fresh chips, pretzels, Chex Mix, goldfish, popcorn), and yes, it was pre-dinner.  Then dinner at Olive Garden, then Swimming!

More time gap..we swam till Late!  They started the huge movie outside on the screen..I'm telling you, I have to have a projector-So Cool!!
What a wonderful day.  The best parts: Clay kissing Ethan's head on the way back from the bathroom at dinner.  Just a sweet kiss as he walked by.  How grown up the big kids are-chasing Ethan down for us.  Ethan wanting me to hold him when he got a blister at the playground on the "web".  Ches being willing to man the stroller and piles of stuff while we rode rides.  Riding the coaster and feeling like the third (or is it fifth?) wheel when Clay and Mary Claire rode together and me behind them.  They are outgrowing me! ; )  Ches kind words to me, the kids doing their homework (Unprompted!!) after we got finished with baths tonight after nine.  Impressive.  Long prayers-praying for safety for each other, and they'd find the right toys, under $20.  Love their specificity (is that really a word?  I got no underline for spell check!), hahaha!

I'll leave it at that, you can imagine our worst moments-a sweaty, hot day outside with thousands of other people, and as the day wore on..so did our patience.  But, we really did pretty well, I'm so blessed. : )
Sending you Mickey Mouse hugs, Disney pictures, and magical kids!



Heidi / D-Tales said...

Ahhh, the happiest place on Earth!!! :) Love Disney!

You cracked me up with this: "Get it right the first time, and done!" I keep telling my kids that, but they don't seem to get it. :)

You also made me laugh with this: "And while convincing Ethan to be really good..he shared how he could fit his fist in his mouth. So proud of him." Hilarious!

Enjoy every magical moment!!!

Unknown said...

Holly what a great sharing of your first day. You are making me wanna go back...I swore I wouldn't after our last trip...the heat...the crowds...the buffets...



Everyone is sooo happy and entertained when we go.

Have FUN!!!

Leigh said...

Love, Love, Love!!! So glad you are having a great time!! I really thought I would be ok skipping a year, but now I REALLY want to go!! Well, I will just live vicariously through your pictures!! I love them!! :) Have fun!!