Friday, May 27, 2011

Don't Toss Your Cookies!

We were hit by the Ketone Bug last night.  I feel mostly immune, as it never strikes us...but it did.  I'd changed Mary Claire's site before bed, but she went low (66) right afterward.  I think it was all the playing around immediately before, but she was low nonetheless.  She asked to have this Bunny Pole that she'd gotten at a friend's birthday party for her low.  It looked relatively harmless (maybe under 10 grams), so I let her eat it.  I'd never heard of them, and she ooo'd and aah'd over it, offered me a bite, and I told her to just enjoy.  Now, I can see I should have tasted to see what was in it!  It was a 10 inch piece of sugary something, three colors twisted together.  Now I think it must have been dried buttercream frosting or something!  She was 186 at bedtime, and we corrected her, no big deal.

Around 3:30 this morning, she came in my room and said she felt sick.  I freaked out thinking she was low (even though I dropped her basal to 95%), and asked her daddy to get her meter and a juice box.  Then she said she thought she was going to throw up!  He ran back to get a big bowl, and lo and behold, she did indeed throw up. : (  I rubbed her back, held her hair, and prayed I wasn't getting splashed with icky virus germs.  When we got her washed off and her mouth rinsed out, we checked her.  A whopping 428!  Now, I got the problem.  We checked for ketones, and she had medium ketones (ha!  Between lo and hi ketones.  Love the specific pee strips.)  She couldn't drink, so I gave her a dissolvable Zofran for nausea and a big correction dose of insulin.  I set my alarm for one hour to check her again.

She was 282 at the next check, so I corrected again.  By 7 am, she was 182, and no nausea.  (Although the Zofran works for 8 hours).  Silly me had told her mid throwup that she could stay home today.  But after learning she was just high with ketones (causing the vomiting), I felt differently.  She'd missed enough school (for Disney), that she really needed to go.  She played the "but I'm tired" game, so I finally told her to go lay down, sleep for an hour, and then she'd go to school.  She did, and when she came out, she was all better!  I think knowing she'd missed a little school (we checked her in at 8:30) made her really happy (since Clay and Ethan were already at school!).  Nothing like free time alone at home to brighten your day.  (I kinda like it myself!)

She's been absolutely fine, bunny poles be darned.  I'll certainly think twice before using a random party candy for a low.  Or if I do, I'll check around online for some carb info!  Since I love you, and don't want you to experience Bunny Pole Ketones, I dug around, and they have a whopping THIRTY-THREE grams of carbs!!  Oops.  I totally won't use those for a low again!

Are ya'll ready for some WiNNeRS??  Drumroll please......I have some girl scout cookies to give away!
Roselady! : )
Congratulations, Roselady!!  I have a few choices for you: Do-si-dos (peanut butter sandwiches), Tagalongs (chocolate covered peanut butter cookies), Dulce de Leche (bite-sized caramel chip cookies), or Thin Mint (minty chocolate cookies)!

And since there are enough cookies to go around....let's have Two Winners! : )  Vanessa, choose your favorite too!

Ladies, just send your favorite cookies and your mailing address to my email:!

I love playing games!  So...we shall start another giveaway tomorrow!  I'm thinking a monogrammed bath towel for you or your favorite child.  ; )


Jen Snow said...

It's amazing the things that you learn when your child has something. I have had diabetes in my family for years but I don't know what ketones are. You learn as you go, right? That's what we are doing too. I'm sorry you had such a hard night, but I'm glad she's better! :)

Holly said...

It's when you are leaking protein in your urine-basically you are using muscle mass or fat for energy instead of carbs (since your body can't convert them to energy without insulin)! Awful for your body!

Thanks, Jen-I think she's all better! : ) And yes-TOTAL learn as you go-this is on-the-job training at its best!! : ) Hugs!

Unknown said...

BOO ON THE KETONES! That's quite a bunny pole!

Glad to hear she's on the mend :)