Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sick Day

Today was just me playing nursemaid to Ethan.  He just wanted to be held, touched, kissed, and wanted his tummy rubbed!  He is doing almost the same thing Mary Claire did for over a week (oh no!).  He whines about his tummy hurting, and after a teensy bit of breakfast (applesauce and toast), he threw up a little again (not all his food).  Then after I talked to the doctor, we switched him to only a liquid diet (she told me to stop Gatorade-the sugar makes the diarrhea worse-but he's not having any poop after all the throwup!).  Anyway, she said water is enough.

After taking Mary Claire to dance tonight and talking to a friend, I found out her son had the same thing, and he was in the hospital to get rehydrated!  I'm hoping we keep Ethan hydrated and in control.  I'd hate to have him on an iv and in the hospital-he'd hate it!

He requested dumplings for dinner (and I had turkey from yesterday to put in it!), but then he never ate any.  Maybe he knows what he needs better than I do. : )  He's sleeping well, I just really hope he sleeps all night-last night was a rough night again!  I thought he was all better-it's like he got it again or something.

He's not going to school again tomorrow, but Ches is going to stay home a little in the morning so I can go copy and go by the church.  I was going to help a friend set up her booth at the NWA Boutique Show, but Ches has to go to work.  She's doing neat stuff, and she's been so busy (and her son's been in the hospital this week!), and I thought it'd be fun to help, but sometimes God has other plans for us.  I have to be a mommy.

Say prayers that Ethan gets better-sick sucks (for both of us).  : (


Mary Ella said...

3 of mine were doing the same thing! I have just been cleaning and cleaning after all the throw up around here! Hopefully it goes fast!

Holly said...

Hey girl! Boy, we are in the same boat. : ( It's the awful tummyache and whining!! He wants me to rub his tummy all day, and I'm tired of rubbing-I'm afraid it's going to be rashy from friction! Hope yours goes fast too-and no one else gets it!! : P