Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Little Things in Life

I'm so excited!  It's totally the little things in life. : )
I have been searching for an applique font for about two weeks.  I wanted to make a towel for that Springdale High auction, and I thought an appliqued SHS would be adorable, but I totally didn't want to do it the old-fashioned way (printing the enlarged letters off of the computer, tracing/cutting them out, tracing/cutting them out on fabric, cutting out the fusible web to go between your fabrics, ironing, and finally zigzaging all around the letters-even the rounded corners!)  So.  There's this new way that I just learned about.  It requires an embroidery machine (I have one!), and a design (had to get one!).  Ok, I may be losing you, but it's soo cool!  Anyway, they have applique alphabets for sale online (really hard to find-but I did!) You hoop your fabric, load and start the design, and it sews this little skinny line around the design.  Next, you take it off the machine, cut the fabric around the line, then put it back, and it sews the zigzags around-SO Cool! : )

I think I'm going to start with Mary Claire a pair of pants.  Clay just busted the knee out of a NEW pair of jeans (they were even still a little big around the waist and length!), so I'll patch over them, put her name on them, and add some ruffles!  It'll take a while to do all those letters though.  Hmm..maybe I'll do an "M" and put her name across it.  Or do an "H" for Hunt Huskies and write that over the H...Thinking!  Wish someone had just had a baby to make a burp cloth with a monogram!!

Speaking of..I looked at websites for adoptions-they are SO expensive!  I like the Chinese adoptions, but it can take 9-10 months to get your child after you've been approved-and they have to WAIT for you there. : (  Those days of waiting would kill me.  Does anyone have a baby they don't need?  I don't understand why it's so hard to adopt-it seems like there should be plenty of babies to go around.  Please share.

I'm sure you guessed, but I'm done working super-hard to get pregnant again.  It's been a rough year (and a little bit) of pregnancies, miscarriages, bloodwork, doctors and specialists, surgeries, medicines, and I can't keep it up.  If God wants me pregnant, He'll find a way, otherwise, I have to let it go.
You can still pray for our family: that we be content with what we get, that we not lose faith in God's will for us, and that our family might be blessed in other ways.  We are thankful for the three sweet blessings we have, and explaining to them why they don't have their prayers for a baby answered may be the hardest of all.  I don't exactly know what to tell them.  (Mommy's getting too old?  God gets to choose?  Let's cry together? or D. all of the above.)

I'm back on 5mg Lexapro, and I'm content.  I knew it'd be hard to transition, and so it's more preventative.  I don't want to deal with the whole sad and disappointed part.  And I'm sure I'll get questions (totally okay), but I don't want to break down.  I like being in control of my feelings (doesn't everyone?).

Ok, yes, I'm fine.  Anyway, I'll be diving into some other things-like applique.  I never can decide whether I love fabric or paper better-such a hard decision.  God will keep me busy, I am so thankful for all the precious blogs and websites I've found in the last week with fun, crafty things-and sweet, sweet families!  There is plenty that I can do for other people-I can totally take the focus off me and my health for a while. : )

Sorry about not writing yesterday-I was so tired!  Ethan was up in the night on Sunday night throwing up, and he was home (of course!) yesterday, sooo..I didn't get much done, and when I wanted a nap, he sat on the bed, crawled under the covers to play hide-and-seek, begged for some water (who can refuse a three-year-old water??), so I just got up and gave up on a nap!  Then, last night I actually did my Matthew homework so I could go to Bible study today!  I have missed my girls, and fall is always so busy, but it was good.  Ethan was actually the only child there today, so I think he enjoyed the attention!  He played with everything, enjoyed snack, and loved on the Jesus statue-it was soo cute!  He held his hand, and we talked with Jesus.  Then, he told me how beautiful His eyes were, and told me about His boo-boos on his hands, and then he hugged Jesus and told him he loved him!  It was so precious.  And I was proud of him for knowing how much Jesus loves him!  I'm so thankful I went, if just for that!

Then we grocery shopped, changed his sheets, and amazingly--he took a nap, and let me take a nap!  It was only about an hour-but an hour can change your attitude and totally your outlook!  Sweet, sweet sleep.  Then we practiced Mary Claire's multiplication facts, I got lunches ready for tomorrow (they all go tomorrow!), and made dinner.  Tonight was Bunco, so I had to plan ahead for our morning. : )  I needed a great night out (and some amazing chocolate!!), and I did laugh a lot!  Those ladies are great, and I'm thankful for them too! much fun.

Alrighty, Jimmy Kimmel has entertained me for long enough (tomorrow is National Unfriend Day-and he's hilarious!), I'd better get to bed, or I'll be tired again tomorrow.  G'Night, Friends!
Oh!! and don't forget to enter the contest!  See the *rules* here.  Leave a comment with your favorite scripture and verse or something cute to put on a kitchen towel..Contest ends tomorrow!! : )

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