Sunday, November 28, 2010

Branson, Books, and a Birthday

I did indeed shop till I dropped on Friday!  My friend called me at 5am to see if I was leaving yet (ha!), and I told her I wasn't leaving till 7!  Once we talked for a while, I was awake, got around, and left town!  I was in Branson meeting her by 7:40.  It was the Best Sunrise and a great drive-there were no other cars, it was so peaceful.  I wanted to stop to take pictures of the sunrise, but I didn't want to take the time-Shopping was waiting!

We started at the sales that ended at 8, then 10, then 12.  That pretty much determined our path-they should get together and decided when to end based on location-it's total work to shlep from one side of the outlet mall to the other!  We did really well (40% off the entire Tommy Hilfiger store, plus an extra 25% off before 10am! and 50% off all of Banana Republic, got big jar Yankee Candles for $11 each, Bass shoes were buy 1, get 2 free and $20 off before 12, etc.).  I just love outlets.  I feel like I get more for my money-this is why I don't shop at the mall.  And it's nice to have the time-I Really Appreciate my husband understanding this need to hunt and gather!  I feel like it's my job to spend my husband's hard-earned money wisely. ; )

Saturday was a HUGE catch-up day: including no make-up and some deep (room) cleaning!  We worked on Mary Claire's room (to some pureNRG music!)-it was SO messy.  I only clean it for her 2-3 times a year, then she has to maintain it-very hard for her.  She loves to read and play, and it just gets out of hand.  She had dirty clothes in all kinds of places!  In her doll tub, dress-up basket, under her desk and bed, everywhere!  So that's where all her fall clothes had disappeared to.  We straightened up her desk, her dresser, closet, book shelves..I pulled about 2-3 bookshelves worth of picture books from her shelves and moved them to Ethan's room.  He hasn't read a lot of them, and it's his turn.  He inherited the twenty-something Arthur books, and all my old teaching picture books.  She'd even smuggled a few of his Curious George books into her room!
This meant I had to find room in his room for all the new books.  I had to clean out his armoire-So Hard.  I cleaned out baby blankets, onesies, old jammies, socks, crib sheets, waterproof liners, shoes, etc.  I allowed one tub of memories to pack, and the rest will go to someone else's house.  Ethan got to pick two blankets to keep, but there were so many!  I will say, it looks awful nice in there now.  I need to take pictures, because it won't last long!

Ahh..time for my first baby to turn the big 1-0.  I can't believe it's gone this fast-I always hear that, but it's true.  We had his birthday party a couple weeks ago for the new movie, Megamind, but tomorrow is the Real Thing.  He got to pick a restaurant for his birthday dinner, and he picked PF Changs.  He wanted to go today, since he has basketball practice tomorrow night (and he's going!), and didn't want to have to rush.  He's so grown up. : )  He was so cute-he kept asking about dessert-they like to get the little mini desserts-all chocolate!  I like that they don't have to share, and they all get the same amount! : )

Mary Claire wanted me to take her picture so she could use the Megamind app: it puts your face on Megamind's body, then it changes your look-hilarious!

Happy 10th Birthday, Clay!

And the wiggle worm!  He kept playing with the little boy behind us! (the Best reason to get a booth!) : )

Mmmm...dessert.  Chocolate Mousse.
Ches also ran into William-Sonoma to get me a set of pans that were (Very Much) on sale for me for Christmas.  No, I haven't looked at them, I just made a short Christmas list including pans, gloves, new tires, and some new curved-tip embroidery scissors.  I'm not real picky.  Sometimes I can be high-maintenance, but there's not that much I need! : )  I can't see buying junk for gifting purposes, it seems wasteful!  Especially when there are things I'd like to have, and I'd use!

Then we went to Target-I'm feeling lazy.  I got a gift card for Mary Claire's teacher, in case I don't get her anything made.  I'm not feeling crafty, even though I have so many new things to applique!  I think I'm still tired from Friday.  I went to bed last night after I read to Clay (a really good new book: My One Hundred Adventures by Polly Horvath), at about 8pm!  And today, I got a nap!  Such a good one, I was asleep when the crazy decision was made to let Mary Claire skip Girl Scouts for playing in her (clean) room!  She's decided she really likes it in there, so she didn't want to go, and Ches being so nice, said ok!  When I got up to go get her, I discovered she'd never left. : (  I guess we all need a break now and then, so I'll let it go.

We read more of the book tonight-and that girl (Jane) is positively adorable!  I like that she prays, and that she's a normal little girl, watching for signs that God is listening to her.  She does have adventures, and sometimes the chapters end with a surprise!  (most times, they do!)  Sometimes I know books for my kids are going to be good, or I've read them before, but this was a happy accident.  Such a joy!

Great weekend, and time with family.  We are blessed.
And now for Clay's real birthday tomorrow!  He's requested a breakfast birthday dinner since we did his eating-out birthday dinner today.  I'll try to make him happy! : )

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