Sunday, November 14, 2010

She Can Do Anything

Woo-this has been a l-o-n-g weekend!  We've partied, slept over, received food at the food pantry, picked up a Boy Scout popcorn order, had basketball practice, slept in the van, went to Missouri, saw Morning Glory (wonderful!), went to the Kappa Delta International Girls Day, fit in church, a bazaar, PRE and BSI, ahhh..we need Monday to come! : )  Usually we are looking forward to the weekend, but I need to do laundry.  It seems like it's been so long-and I have PILES!  ugh.  They are not good for my feng shui.

We have some beautiful pictures of the kids that we got when we went to Missouri to see Ches' mom-they played on the old truck that his step-dad built-the kids love *driving* it!  Then Ethan located the tractor, ran and jumped on.  Next was the miniature donkeys they have right now-they really are cute.  They eat feed with molasses on it, so the dogs try to eat their food-ahh, the things we learn!  On the way in as the sun was setting, they spotted the huge bell, and had to R-I-N-G it...oh my-it's soo loud!  I was trying so hard to tell Clay to ring it more gently, I didn't even get a picture of him ringing the bell!

Here are a few of the kids from Saturday evening:

And then Mary Claire had the International Girls' Day at the Kappa Delta house today at the University.  She got all nervous and wanted me to stay with her!  I did, but I so wished I'd brought my camera!  Here are a few pictures from my phone:
It was pretty bright!

First stop: Face Painting!  (Our friend Cayce was painting too!)

Next up: Friendship Bracelets in the living room

My girl can smell cake a mile away!

Their adorable sign: "She can do anything!" and Mary Claire's little pink paper is to the right of the "She": she wrote that she wants to be a music teacher when she grows up!

Last picture on the way out (with her leopard legs)!
Oh, yeah!  One more thing-here are some pictures of the treats for the bazaar:

And Don't Forget!!
Comment and give me a short verse and scripture reference (or something cute!) to put on a kitchen towel, and you can win the monogrammed towel!  See *official* rules here!

Don't you need one!?


The Mom said...

Galations 5:22. But the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, long suffering, gentleness, goodness and faith.

Therefore "love" "joy" and "peace".

Holly said...

Excellent! : ) This is what I may be sewing on Wednesday... heehee
THanks for playing!!! : )