Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Rainy Day Shoes

There are two theories when it comes to rainy weather footgear.  You either fall into the Protect Your Feet or Put Them Out There camp.  The first loves to hide their feet and keep them warm-these are the boot people (or heck-even closed-toe shoes!).  The other camp believes that you just let them get wet, and they’ll dry. These would be the flip-flop wearing chicas.  I have to admit I’ve been both, and maybe these people didn’t know it’d be raining, and maybe it’s the mood you are in or how cold it is outside. 

Ches and I had an interesting day today, and after we ate at Razorback Pizza (in Morrilton!), and we were side-stepping a stream of water, this flip-flop-wearing woman splashed right through the stream.  Yes, maybe her feet needed a bath, but that’s just not the camp I belong to.  (I wore what I think are called platform heels-you know, high even in the front?) to avoid getting wet-See? Both Camps!)

Ok, so now on to the interesting parts.  On my way to their facilities, I spied a lamp (circa 1995), still wearing its cellophane wrapper over its un-new shade.  Yes, it does make the shade last a few years longer, but is it worth it?
(Yes, there is toilet paper on the little table in the hallway.  Just in Case.)
Then, in the restroom I learned that they do indeed believe that duct tape can be used for anything.  (And they invest and use it in multiple colors, ‘cause they’re skilled that way)  Here it is on the toilet (covering up who knows what):
It didn't come out well.  It was black duct tape on a black seat.  I know you are sad that you are missing out.

Here it is holding the toilet paper holder closed (I do hate a door that keeps falling open and dropping out its paper!):

And here is where they put their money.  I was wowed by this one.  Here is this pretty nondescript casual restaurant (pretty dark and crusty but comfy), and they totally surprise me with their absolute voracious appetite for sports!  They have this big screen tv with a circular booth right under it (reserved for special people),
The "big" screen tv is to the bottom left.
then upon closer examination, here is this humongous movie theater-sized screen up above all the other tables-HUGE, I tell you.

Especially for pizza places in Morrilton!  I have to say I was impressed (which doesn’t happen that often).  They know how to rock it.  (But the lamps and bathroom, not so much.)

I'll be sure to tell you more about my day tomorrow. It includes Ethan going to the principal's office (me considering taking him out of school, my doctor's appointment, buying 21 toys at McDonald's, and how Ethan told the teacher that his momma was going to be mad at her.  Ha.).


Mary Ella said...

Morrilton knows how to rock it Holly, that is where I am from!!! I have to say this is my absolute favorite blog, Go Devil Dogs!!!

Holly said...

You are precious, April! : ) They are so cool-I mean that screen is humongous!!
Do I never annoy you? hahahaha-I get on my nerves sometimes! : )
Had NO idea you were from there. It's a stone's throw from LR, but so laid back. I'd never been there, but I was starving! : ) We ate, then ordered a pizza to go! (yes, really!)

Mary Ella said...

Ummmm, no you never annoy me, only wish we could hang out more!!! Maybe soon!

Holly said...

Aww, you are so sweet! We should hang out more. Maybe you could move closer? heehee
We could play the Wed. before Thanksgiving? When the kids are out! : )