Monday, July 5, 2010

Late Nights

Hey, ya'll!  Did you miss me?  I've been to another planet and back!  heehee What fun traveling is. (and shopping!)
*Ok, go get a drink-this is a long one!*
Mary Claire and I went to Branson on Friday, and we went to White Water with Angie and Andalynn until after 10pm!
It is surprising that when you are having fun, you don't get sleepy.  We thought the girls would get tired...but No!  This picture was at about 9:35pm, and they were still going strong.  We'd been to the wave pool, the Water Works:
Lazy River, the rides down in the tubes (Ohana Falls and Raging River Rapids), and to the play area (Raintree Island), then they chose to go back to the Raging River at 9:45!  We let them go down it by themselves-we took turns walking the double raft up the concrete walk and stairs, then helped them get it, hold on, and push it slowly to the starting line, then the other mom would wait at the bottom to help them out.  We figured out that we couldn't do both, and beat them down the chute!  They were so light they just skimmed the little pool at the bottom, and glided right over to the stairs.  By then, it was really dark and getting cooler.  I didn't want to get wet anymore, so it worked for us.  Our last stop was the gift shop-they had the best shells-and some were less expensive than Hobby Lobby!  I got the most beautiful flat-ended shiny conch shells:

Then, our girls have learned: they get some fun, then WE get some fun!  We shop till we drop (or our feet hurt really bad, and we have to change I getting old when I take cushy shoes to change into around 6pm?  Don't answer that.)!  We got around late, since we went to bed so late (and had baths and ordered Pizza Hut at 11pm..), so it was a late start shopping.  We met our favorite friends at Gymboree,
(this is Dina hugging a crying-not anymore-baby while the momma shopped!  Isn't she sweet?) we ordered lunch and ate in the back room (while shopping the shelves-the girls shopped the cake-purses!), and then we were back on our way again. Thank you, Dina, Sara, and Dawn, for your hospitality!  We love you guys! (and thanks for letting us park behind you!!)
Then we had to speed-shop to get the girls to Justice (the new fave).  Mary Claire had a little melt-down over the dolls, Zhu-Zhu pets, and eraser sets.  I mean, Really!  She said no to all the clothes I picked (what?), since I'd said no to her toys.  We'd already had a talk (to prevent all this drama).  She had a pad of paper and a pen.  She was supposed to write down her favorite thing in each store, and at the end of the day, we'd go back to get the REAL favorite.  Thing is..she couldn't wait!  It was driving her mad!
We got back on track, and we did go back to Justice (after some Krispy Kreme *and they were Hot Now!*to clear our heads) to get a baby Zhu-Zhu.  So, don't feel sorry for her.  : )  Not that it was likely.

Ok, so in the next missing post...
We had a great July fourth!  We had church, went to Tim's for pizza, swam,
and got ready to have company.  We had mom and dad, and John (my brother), and some friends Angie and Tony(a different Angie!) and their kids over.  We had fajitas and dessert with fruit, and then drove to see fireworks at the Naturals ball park.
But-so did the rest of Northwest Arkansas!  It was so packed with cars everywhere!  We made it for the last couple minutes, but then drove around to see lots of fireworks, even a great show at a house by JB Hunt park!  We got to bed late, so we skipped baths.  Don't smell my kids! : )

Today we played with friends, sewed a tiny bit (didn't finish anything!), and then took naps. I'm absolutely wiped out!  I haven't even put away the stuff I bought in Branson!  Sad.  I just piled it in the laundry room, and it'll have to wait.  I still have Bible study tomorrow, and MUST do the homework tonight!  then more to come (playdates on Thursday and Friday! woo-hoo!). I have the trip to Little Rock to see her doctor on Wednesday, and I am not sure when I'll catch up.  I think I have a house-full of company coming on Saturday, so I have to figure out how to fit in some cleaning (or hiding stuff?  ..maybe that's faster!).

I am making this (ultra-long post, huh!) book I already told you about, and I was looking up stuff on prayer for others and compassion.  It is suffering with, or bearing the burden with.  It just touched my heart.  I feel for all you moms in the thick of it.  I mean, I am in the thick too, but I'm feeling for you with smaller children.  It is REALLY hard to have a baby and older kids.  It's a hard balancing act, and I know all about it.  So, I have compassion for you.  I understand all that monotony of doing those selfless acts (over and over and over again) for your husband and kids, and many times we are alone in the day when we have lots of work that goes unnoticed (for the most part).  Just know you aren't really alone-I'm doing laundry at my house too, thinking of you!
As God's chosen ones (this is us!), holy and beloved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience.  Colossians 3:12


The Ware's said...

Laundry?! Just finished my huge stack.. getting ready to turn in (hopefully) for the night.. looking forward to later this week...

Holly said...

We can't wait to see you! (and I need some stuff!) I still haven't finished laundry..although it's never really done..they keep wearing clothes!! : )