Wednesday, July 21, 2010


 Just pictures, don't get too comfy, ya'll. : )
We finally made those s'mores!  I've had the stuff ready since July fourth, but we just now (1) remembered, and (2) figured out how we were going to melt/torch the marshmallows, and (3) all needed a good chocolate/sugar rush-we'd swam all day, and deserved it.
Love, love, love the marshmallow all over his mouth and fingers! : )  That is evidence of a good treat.
Recipe (Difficulty Level 1): Half graham cracker, top with half Hershey bar (yes, Hershey-he gives to children, operates a school for kids-a great man!), add melty, gooey, flamed marshmallow, top with another half graham cracker, and get sticky like a kid!  Yum! (Repeat for maximum amazement):

So, here they are around our "campfire" (we're safe like that):

Fire! : )
I know, Mary Claire is missing..we were waiting for her to get home-she was at VBS with a couple friends having the time of her life! We saved her one. : )  This just means...we get to do it again!  (or twice more, or thrice more...I have 11 more Hershey bars!)

Then the next day Clay had a couple friends over to swim (totally unrelated, but I can't be expected to post every day!):
 What a great day he had yesterday!  I like when we have those tiny moments that are more valuable than gold.

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The Mom said...

Great photos of the wee ones. I confess, I have never had a s'more. L & H