Wednesday, July 28, 2010

On the Boardwalk

Just beach, sand, dinner, and the Boardwalk!  What a great day. : )

This is Ethan singing along to Veggie Tales, which always gives me a great laugh!

And here are some pictures from today (I only had my phone, so they aren't great!):
Ethan made a friend named Randall, who had Thomas toys!

And then he made friends with Julia, and we dug her a puddle too (he's actually telling her she can't come in his puddle, so we dug her one):

Yesterday was sand castles, today was big quicksand-mushy puddles:

Mary Claire was in the sand more, not so much in the waves today:

And here he is making friends with more kids-they had a bulldozer and Nutter Butters!
This is Mary Claire and her cousin, Caroline, who looks so much like her!

Then we went up to the Boardwalk to play games and ride rides.  They rode a ferris wheel, a roller coaster, a big slide, the Hurricane, Cyclone, and bumper cars.  It was a lot!  Mary Claire went low, so we got some Dippin' Dots.  They are sooo cold!  She hadn't had them, so she really enjoyed it.  She took them up on the ferris wheel and shared them.  They got to ride with their (second) cousins, so they really had fun!  I wish we could see them more than once a year.  Here is Clay, Mary Claire, and Caroline on the ferris wheel:

And this one just made me laugh!  (My phone camera hadn't been working for almost an hour, but this one made me shut my phone down and restart-I had to get a picture, or no one would believe me!):

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