Sunday, July 18, 2010

Perfect Timing

Apple-Cheddar-Squash soup: I know it sounds all healthy-but it was delish!  It actually has two whole apples, a butternut squash (yes, here was me finding a butternut squash-first time-and then trying to cut/peel/dice it! Ha!), 2 cups of grated cheese, onion, apple juice/cider, and chicken broth.  I added some garlic (because I like it in all things).  Here's the recipe if you want to know more, but I loved it!  It tasted a little like a yummy corn chowder recipe I have, but maybe sweeter?  I got a new calendar Friday night after about 2 weeks of intense-calendar-shopping (yes, really!), and I was planning meals and making a grocery list...and googled easy summer meals.  Ha! Google delivers again.  I found about four new recipes, so HaPpY!  (Here's an old calendar like mine, I had trouble finding them online-I had one last year, but only found them in Borders this year, even though I have B&N gift cards to use!  Hmm..what to shop for..)
Mary Claire went to a surprise VBS tonight (well, she was invited right before it was time to be there, so I let her go!).  She was excited to go with a couple friends, so I think she'll have fun.  She was swimming at a friend's house today (after swimming with us twice-so yes, three suits wet!), and was invited to go along.  They brought her back to change, and she was out the door.  I feel like she's so much more grown up.  She put her own pump back on (please, God, keep her site good after so much soaking today..), and called to tell me what they were having at dinner (yes, they served food!), and gave herself a bolus.  My little girl.  So she missed out on my new soup, poor girl.  (heehee-her choice would've always been chicken nuggets and trail mix-Woo-hoo!)
Friday afternoon I got the opportunity to go to the church and straighten the books in the pews, put new envelopes in the holders, and clean up a little.  I was having a rough day when I got there, ran all the way to the door (since it'd started pouring down rain!), got a hug from Mrs. Sherry, then went into the church.  It was so quiet, and there were people getting ready for a wedding, rehearsing.  There was music on quietly, and it was so peaceful.  I finished the section I was supposed to do, and it was still pouring down rain-so I kept going.  The church emptied out, and I was alone.  It was perfect-I'd say God sent the rain to hold me closer, longer.  I needed it, and I went through all the sections, just perfecting books, then through the cry room, which didn't seem like it'd been touched in weeks (or else kids had destroyed it fast!).  There were NO envelopes in there (I know, I know, kids crumple them, play with them, and stuff them in crevices), but what if those kids want to take offering up in a sweet little envelope?  Well, now they can. (hope I don't get in trouble for giving them envelopes!)  Anyway, by the time I left it was dark, quiet, and I was ten million times calmer.  My arm had been hurting when I went in, but I totally forgot about me, and enjoyed my time.  Thank you for the opportunity-sometimes God gives us choices-and blesses us tremendously.
Thank you, God, for our wonderful friends, our church of peace, your sun to play in, and food to share.  Many blessings coming our way! : )
Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ.
Ephesians 1:3

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