Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Not Quite Tall Enough, but Brave Enough!

We are still all okay.  I had a rough afternoon yesterday-then I realized I'd forgotten my medicine.  I took it late, and it worked.  I think seeing pregnant women and sets of twins just caused me some stress and sadness.  I'll get through it.  I'm still happy to be here with the kids I have and watch them have fun.
We went to Hollywood Studios yesterday, rode the crazy, scary rides, ate double-dip mint chocolate chip ice cream cones, saw Mickey, Donald and Daisy Duck, Minnie Mouse, Mater and Lightning McQueen and got a little rained on-not too bad.  The big rain came when we went back at night for the Wishes Fireworks-it really rained on us!  We ran to the car after we got off the tram, and there was a smell in the car...was it us or the wet upholstery?  Ick.
Today we went to Universal Studios.  It was fun, better than I thought it'd be.  It was un-Disney and not-so-sweet, but okay.  Suess-land was cute, and Ethan and the kids loved the rides.  There were several that they weren't tall enough for, so it's meant for a taller (grown-up) crowd.  The two big roller coasters he had to be 54" to ride, and he's about 53-53.5", and they said it wasn't enough.  He was soo disappointed. Mary Claire didn't want to go on anyway, so she didn't care.  I felt bad for him, as he's a thrill-seeker.  He did go on one alone, that I just couldn't handle.  It was Dr. Doom's free fall or something.  It was like Tower of Terror-free falling, and I got really scared yesterday, and didn't want to do it today!  We'd bought express passes ($25 each for one wait-free ride on each ride, or $62 for unlimited line-free waiting on anything), so he walked right up, go on, and did it alone.  It was a milestone that I wasn't ready for him to make.  But he did it, and loved it.
We are resting, then back out for dinner and a night out.  It's either swimming or Downtown Disney...they get to vote. : )  We're democratic like that. heehee
ps-more pix are in the Disney set, and I posted Universal Pix.


The Mom said...

Can't wait to see you! And I'll be with Ethan Friday morning. Have a safe flight and have a great Thursday in Florida~ L & H

Holly said...

Thanks, it was good to see you! Ches will bring him early tomorrow-our appt. is at 8:15! : )