Sunday, April 18, 2010

Turn Your Day Around

The doctor's appointment on Friday went well-I'll update on that later. It's been busy, we had a day of friends yesterday, and Laundry is threatening to take over the house!
Today is kinda yucky.  Sad feelings keep bubbling up.  Lots to do, Mary Claire destroyed her room after I had started cleaning it yesterday (she makes all these bags/boxes of stuff that I've already cleaned-3-just since yesterday-a baby bag of notebooks and desk stuff, a lunch box of ziplocs of play-doh and spoons (yes, my whole box of ziplocs from the kitchen!), and a box of junk-that I had stuff in!)  Arrgghhh...
If my morning goes roughly, it's so hard to get the day turned around.  I'm sure church will help, but Ahhh.  It's like once the bad stuff starts happening, you see all the yuck, and I have a to-do list a mile long.  I know we just got home, but there's soo much to do!
I used to have this student in my class years ago, the cutest little boy, but he had some problems.  When he'd come in, and start having a rough day (even the smallest things could ruffle his feathers), I'd tell him to turn his day around, to start over.  He would mull it over, then decide to try again.  It usually worked, and I'd have to play with or tease him till he smiled.  It is harder to do than you think!  I should take my own advice, and turn my day around.

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