Monday, March 8, 2010

Sick of Clothes

I'm in Surreal Land.  Really.  Try having someone tell you that you have twins inside you.  Surreal.
I had another ultrasound today, and everything is fine.  We saw both hearts beating (thank you, God!), and measured their bodies.  They only measured 8 weeks and 3 days today, last time was right on.  Our doctor said not to worry about it, so I'm not.  I have other things to think about.  Like for instance, now I'm sick.  I feel all gross and nauseous like I want to throw up, but don't want to, but only want crackers or pretzels.  I want to eat, but nothing sounds good.  "I'll have a big bowl of Nothing, please."  It has been coming and going for a few days, but it's stuck with me all afternoon.  I must have finally met my threshold for hcg-and it's overtaken me.  I'm hoping I won't have too much longer of it.  I've read it only lasts till about 12 weeks, so I am just thankful to be pregnant, and thankful I haven't had it the entire time!
Maternity Clothes.  I'm at the sticky, maybe-I-should, and maybe-I-shouldn't point.  I have learned that I have a grapefruit-sized uterus (well, if it was one baby..), and it's kinda coming out over my jeans.  Nothing is super-comfy, so I'm at that sucky crossroads.  Maternity-still a little big, Regular-popping out of.  See? sucks.  What to do...Shop?  Yeah, that's what I thought too!  If I can gather some energy, I'll invest some time in looking for something in between.  Big shirts?  Long tanks?  Big shirts over leggings?  Clips to hold my big panel pants up to my bra?  Yeah, I thought it was a good idea too!  Consider it invented.

Today was SO uber stressful.  I had the doctor's appointment (so I scrapped Ethan's morning dentist appointment to the next available time-April) which was fine and always gives me peace, then I spent some time at Mom's when I picked up Ethan (thanks for lunch!!), then we came home, he fell asleep in the van, so I did what a Thinking Mom does: I left him in the van to sleep (yes, van door open, door to house open, good grief!).  I covered him up with a blankie, and laid down on the couch till my phone alarm went off to go pick up the kids at school.  Guess what?  He was still asleep in the van!  I waited for them, ran by the house for snacks, and took them to the dentist.  (I can't ever take the three of them at the same time again, it was Too Much.)  Ches had a meeting (he's been busy lately, huh?), so he came by the dentist and picked up Ethan and I was there with the kids till five.
I learned that Mary Claire is not brushing her front teeth well, but great job on the back.  The hygienist thought it was backwards of normal (me too!), but she has to improve.  We are considering a nice electric toothbrush.  She already has some cheap ones, but doesn't really get into them.  Clay was fine.  Apparently my kids crossed some line while I wasn't looking.  They didn't call me back to talk about how they were doing.  What?  Since when do they talk to the kids and not me?  I felt really out of the loop. : (  I scheduled Mary Claire's two teeth to be pulled on Thursday (yes, apparently I can make this week a bit busier!)  I'm not sure how to pull it off, but Ethan can take some toys or something.

Mary Claire is in the new gym class, and it's at 3:30 tomorrow-good luck getting us there on time!  It opens up our dinner time, but sure puts a rush on afterschool pick-up, snack, and changing clothes!
Wednesday is Clay's next psychiatry appointment-just to see how his ADHD medication is working and to see if it needs adjusting.  He likes the doctor, so it's just a fun visit.  It's during my Mother's Day Out (I like to protect it, you know!), so bummer.  Good, since Ethan is busy having fun, but bad, since I don't get that free time (yeah, I know, b-bye, free time!).  Ches will have to take Ethan since it's at 9:15, and I need to check Clay out first.  Logistics.  I had no idea how much busier it got when they got older.  Did someone try to tell me that?..
Thursday is the teeth-pulling.  Friday-might I get a free pass?  I'm still leaving town on Sunday, and between now and then I have to plan for the kids meals next week-three meals, about three snacks a day, and figure her carbs and bolus ratios.  Oh, and buy the food I plan for them to eat!  (which I should be doing tomorrow since it's grocery day...but I'll just go again on Saturday, after Clay collects his bags of food donations...)  I have planning to do, but I'm tired.  And hungry.  And my floors are so dirty.
And I learned that even an unopened bag of salad doesn't make it from Tuesday (grocery day) to Monday night.  Must plan frozen veggies for Mondays.
And I learned how to make faux dirt.  Brown cardstock smeared with Elmer's glue, sprinkled with Miracle Gro Potting Mix (yeah, good thing I didn't use it all this weekend!), and it looks semi-real!  Clay's making a shoe-box scene (what's the word for those..?) and has until the 31st, but it had to be done tonight!  So we faux'd our way through it.
Last one-Must Eat More Fiber.  Any great (no thanks on the regular) ideas?  Fiber One bars not allowed.


Anonymous said...

Those clips to hold your pants to your bra are called Belly Ups - check em out!

Holly said...

Oh my gosh! I DID check those out-they are awesome!! If I take a picture of me in them (like the lovely model), you'll just DIE! Hahahaha! : ) I need them! I guess I didn't invent them...imagine that! : ) THanks!