Friday, March 5, 2010

Carrier of Important Things

Is it too early to wear sandals?  If it's 60 degrees (for the high), is that ok?  I'm ready.  I finally got my nails (toes) done yesterday-and I wore sandals, metallic flip flops actually, all day.  I couldn't mess my toes up, but I'm just ready.  It's been nasty ol' winter for too long now, and we have a few 59-60 degree days, I'm callin' it spring!  Mary Claire was excited to see my sandals-as it means there's Hope for our Arctic Wave.  Anyway, if you see me out, just don't look at my feet, unless you can say something nice.  Maybe I'll just skip right to summer!

Ethan may have a milk allergy.  He got up night before last, and was gagging, and trying to throw up.  He finally did-just a little bit-and it was his frozen yogurt he'd had for snack.  If he has chocolate milk or a milk not mixed with a buffer (like cereal with milk, or cheese and crackers), he gets sick.  He had icky poop a couple weeks ago when he had chocolate milk right before bed, but now this.  Yesterday-nothing. No gagging, no "tummy hurts"-nothing!  I only fed him non-dairy, but he was fine.  I don't want to take a chance, but eventually in a few days, I'll have to try dairy again to see if that's what it is.  I want to wait Just In Case this was a virus.  Poor kid-he LOVES cheese and dairy.  He eats piles of grated cheese in a bowl for a snack. (Yes, I get it pre-grated at Sam's by the two-pack!)

Mary Claire has had some really random lows lately!  She was 46 evening before last-that's really low.  She couldn't walk, but was all wobbly, and made it to tell me she felt low.  I told her to sit or lay down, and I'd be right up (she was upstairs)-and she couldn't understand me.  Ah, scary.  I ran up, checked her, and she was definitely low.  I'm just so glad she can feel it now-we used to just happen onto lows like that, if you can imagine!  Which is why we like to check her so often, even now!  Anyway, I gave her some glucose tabs (4g sugar each), and then ran down to get her some juice.  She couldn't sit to drink it, and I had to tell her to suck on the straw-she gets all fuzzy when she's low and makes no sense.  She kept at it and eventually she was fine. 
Then yesterday at school, she ran low at 11 (just 70), had 8 grams of snack, and came back at 11:20 feeling low (63 and 65 with recheck, since it seemed impossible!).  She just kept dropping.  At that point, we look at active insulin, but crazy-to eat and still go low!  She started on her lunch, and we dropped her insulin bolus for lunch (and I was so worried since she was going out for recess-yay, warm!), so I reduced her a little too much (-.3), and she was 200 at 1:30.  It's all crazy, but at least she'd come up!  She had a playdate after school, and I didn't want her to have to miss it due to her stupid blood sugar!

Clay was so funny yesterday!  He came in, and when I told him to hang up his backpack, he said he forgot to take it to school!  So, he said he didn't have his lunch, and he had to get a tray.  We got his backpack out of the car, and there was no lunch in it.  He looked at the menu, and he'd circled the food!  Guess he forgot that he was eating what he wanted?  Weird.  I do remember running out with his library book (Book the Eighth, Lemony Snicket), and he held it in his hand.  I guess he had the Important Thing, so he forgot the big Carrier of Important Things!

Ok, today is the next grocery trip.  By yesterday we had quite a list, but Ethan was in a "No Wal-Mart!" mood, so it didn't happen!  I try to go along with him, because if he doesn't want to go, he'll make it really bad for you.  Who says you don't learn new tricks when you're old?  The other thing I've learned: I let him buy one thing (grocery) that's junky or whatever, then he's really happy.  Last time it was yogurt-covered raisins!  And they were really good!  I'd never had them, not really liking raisins, or things covered in yogurt (when you can get them covered in chocolate? No way!), but they were good!  And since they had a couple grams of fiber, I said yes!  They are since gone, but alas, we'll try something new today.  He likes to troll the shelves at about 3.5 feet: cart height.  Don't think for a minute that grocery planners don't plan this!

Say your prayers, and be thankful for what you have (low blood sugars, throw up, forgotten backpacks), sometimes it's more than others have.  I'm still thankful for each day I make it a little farther.  My friend isn't having a baby with me, and it breaks my heart.  What to do alone?  I don't know anyone else pregnant, and I hope she doesn't lose her faith and perseverance.  She still has months to be pregnant with me-and I can't wait for her to try again-really.  I'd almost help if I could.  Well, I'll teach her about her cycle, and my new trick-ovulation predictor kits!  I even have a whole extra set, test included! Did I tell you that story?  She is going to be gifted with it when she's ready.  Anyway, pray for those that are great moms and just want to share their life and body again.

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