Thursday, March 11, 2010

What does the tooth fairy look like?

I have to say, I haven't been quite as sick. Maybe controlling lunch/afternoon snack has helped?  And pretzels taste awesome too.  Right when you put them in your mouth and the salt hits your tongue (saltiest side down!), mmm...good.  Only for now, I know.
I made taco salad last night, and the meat was frozen, so I had to thaw it in the microwave.  By the time I opened the door to the micro, it was STiNKy!  I called Ches in, since I wasn't sure if it was my sense of hyper-active smell or nasty meat.  It was definitely the meat!  We ended up using refried beans and no meat.  I just couldn't make more.  Ethan was yelling, "It smells like snakes!" (as if he knows what snakes smell like?)  Now, I'm not so hungry for meat. :P
Clay's appointment went fine yesterday, and he's staying at only 10 milligrams-the lowest dose.  I'm happy with it, and I feel we are seeing enough of a difference, so why go higher?  It was a short meeting, and I was planning for the whole hour-but it was quick!
Mary Claire had a dentist appointment today and got two teeth pulled.  AOOOOA  See the A's?  Those are the ones she had pulled.   The two teeth to the outside of her top front four.  They were beautiful, perfect teeth, but they needed to come out.  Her xrays showed that the teeth coming in were at severe angles (even I could see that), and it was due to the teeth that we had pulled.  They were baby teeth and would've come out when she was 9 or 10 anyway.  (They were much longer than I thought they'd be!)  She's getting braces in a month or two, and we are getting ready.  We still need to start her speech therapy to stop her tongue thrusting (on her front teeth, and pushing her palate up so high!).  We'll get there, and when we are done-it'll be worth it.  (Try to remind me when we get there!)
Anyway, she took it like a pro.  She wasn't nervous, and I'd prepped her beforehand.  She wanted to know honestly what they were going to do, so I told her.  I knew she could take it.  When they were giving the shots, they told her they were putting magic balloons on that would pinch and pull at her gums (Ha.).  She said she knew it was shots. I asked her if she told them, and she said no.  She just let them think she was fooled.  What a big girl!  She was a little tired when she came out, but one milkshake later, she was in a much better mood!  Now she's had dinner, and the "sockets" are all dried up, and I think she's fine.
Now there's just the tooth fairy to deal with... She wrote a note asking the tooth fairy if she could keep her teeth, and she asked what the tooth fairy looks like.  Umm..what do you say to that?  Sometimes the tooth fairy writes her notes, but what to write..?  And how much do you pay for two big, pulled teeth?  We haven't had any teeth out in a long time!  And then the money will burn a hole in her pocket till she gets to spend it.  Ahh, childhood!
I'm still doing fine.  Waking up in the night with a dry mouth, so I'm drinking at least a bottle of water in the night (yep, causing further waking!), but I have to stay hydrated.  I think it's my heat vent right over my face above my bed!  I have a love/hate relationship with it-I love the hot air, hate having my face all dried out.  Dilemma.  So, I keep drinking.  Hey..maybe that's causing my premature wrinkling!  Aha!
Seriously-what does the tooth fairy look like?


The Mom said...

The tooth fairy looks like a tinkerbell, with a matching purse and shoes;)

MC was certainly sweet today. She is growing up so fast. Sweet, kind, beautiful, filled with generosity and eager to learn everything she can. I am so proud of her in every way.

Ethan was so cute today. He just wanted to 'get cold outside', take a bath, and drink in the unbreakable cup. Of course he always eats:) He picked the carrots right out of his soup, ate salt, and frozen corn. lol

Sunday the adventure begins and we will have a great time~ I can't wait. L&H

p.s. The two good teeth are probably worth twenty bucks;) lol (Inflation?)

Holly said...

Ok, guess who forgot to be the tooth fairy, AGAIN? I even meant to do it right after she went to sleep, but I forgot! AHhh!! So this morning (in the midst of all else that was happening..) she wanted to know why the tooth fairy always forgets to come, and always leaves her notes about her broken wand or wings. Guilt. Trip. Then when she was leaving for school, she asked if the tooth fairy ever came in the day-giving me an Out, obviously. I'll have to figure something out, and get it done, asap. I swear she knows, and that's why she gets so upset. I had to reassure her. UGh. Stupid tooth fairy. WHo invented such a bad game?
Yep, I've only got twenties, and maybe a single one. I'm not sure how it happens, but I never have change! I'm thinking maybe $10, which means I'll have to go out today and get change. hmm..where to go...
Yep, it starts Sunday! I'm almost ready! : )