Friday, March 26, 2010

Not Everything Changes

I've been either too busy or tired to write!  We've been cleaning the attic (Still..) and moving furniture! (well, I'm cleaning it off, Ches moves it, I really clean it, then put the stuff back on..)
We still aren't completely done with the attic.  There are still teacher files all over the dining room floor-maybe 6 tubs and 3 or 4 boxes?  I have had real trouble.  I can't part with them.  It was super easy (ok, pretty easy) to let all the manipulatives go.  I think I realize I can always buy more.  But files.  They take years to accumulate.  They are worth more!  It took me forever to put all those units and author studies together.  I am sure if I ever teach again, it'll be totally different, but math doesn't change.  I have tons on math, science (water, energy, etc.), social studies-things that can't change.  We'll always add and subtract, learn about our environment, and have communities and government.  So, after consulting with three different people (for advice, in case I'm hormonally-off-my-rocker), I've decided to keep them.  Ches told me to try again tomorrow.  Ha!  I did, but cried more.  What if something happened to him (please, God, forbid this)?  It's the only degree I currently have (even if I do want to go back to school..), so I'd have to teach.  And I'd need my tools, beginning with my files and books.  So there.  Back to the attic with you, Dusty Things!
We began clearing out the office-soon-to-be-baby-room.  We have successfully moved both desks, hutches, and the in-between-desks thingie.  Maybe a picture would help? (I'd totally give you one, but I can't find the cord to connect the camera to the computer!!  Haven't you been wondering why all my pictures are old?)  I've put all his stuff back on his desk, so his is up and running, but mine is in shambles.  Really.  There are piles all over the office-quite a mess.  And now I'm tired and ready for a nap.  I can only get work done from 8-1ish, and 4-9ish.  Other than that, I'm kaput (bad spelling..but I mean I'm worthless other-time-wise).
I've excited Ches-I told him that Yes! we could get a new tv to go in the back of our room!  Because Heaven knows we need another one in our house!  He likes to watch some tv (sports, news, American Idol, etc.) while he's working-mostly on the computer.  So,  he wants a new tv between our desks in the back of our room-it would be really awkward to turn around to see the one over by the bed.  Confusing, but just believe me.  Again, looking for that camera cord...and I'll show you!
The big kids are at Mom's-which is how we got all this done today!  We did have one mighty strong helper, but he's busy working at taking a nap right now.  He has to protest loudly and strongly to let us know how much he does NOT want a nap, but then he cries himself right to sleep every day!  He's so much nicer to be around after he wakes up.  It's a hard dilemma (nap or no), but he'll need to take one this fall, so we are working on it early.
Ok, back to some cleaning and a nap for me.  There's still so much to do!  I'm busy growing babies! : )  (Thank you, God, for babies to grow and kids to play with!)
ps-Ok, gotta make you laugh.  About a year and a half ago, I painted the office.  I was working alone mostly, so I couldn't move furniture.  Well, now the desks are moved, and you can see how far I could reach behind the desks!  There are big splotches of the green behind where the desks were!  So, yeah, those will have to be painted...  Did I say how much work there still is to do?


Gigi said...

Aha! You better be taking care of yourself and those babies! The big kids are outside enjoying the sunshine. MC has compiled her list of DSi games, Clay has to pare his down to a manageable list. She doesn't want a snack this afternoon, blood sugar is 133, and she isn't hungry. Does she have to have a snack?

It has been a heavy traffic day here today with more to come. Dad and friend have jetted over to OK City to rescue a horrid car from an owner who wants it gotten rid of right this moment.

Clay and Sissy have managed to play in the dirt, eat massive quantities of food, realign all the GI JOE toys/cars/figures/weapons to begin the battle of the ages, and they sneered at the He-Man characters. What is that all about? He-Man could take GI Joe in face to face combat....okay, maybe not with superior weaponry...but that's only a technicality.

L & H

Holly said...

I'm totally being good! : ) heehee
and no, she doesn't have to eat if she doesn't want to! : ) Surprising, though. She loves to eat.
I'm glad they had fun-we got a lot of moving done. I'm finally pretty much done with my desk. It took soooo long! But finally, I can use it again. Yay! : )