Saturday, March 6, 2010

Cuckoo for Coconut!

Ok, brief rundown:
Friday: Clay-playdate, Mary Claire-devastated due to no play date, we went to Stations of the Cross at church, burritos at home!
Saturday: Ches and Clay went door to door and handed out bags (for cub scouts) for food donations (next Saturday they go back around to gather up the bags)-they didn't actually go to our neighborhood since they said the front doors are too far apart-they are bugging other neighborhoods! Mary Claire and Ethan went with me to Lowe's (sans make-up!) to get flowers-it was too nice a day to not be outside!  
Saturday night: Ches and I had a date tonight, and for one of the first times ever, we didn't see a movie!  It was nice to just have time.  We went to a million places looking at baby stuff-there was only one double stroller in all of Fayetteville, btw!-and plants, and we got some food...just plenty to do!
And Guess what I saw?? Coconut M&M's!!  I didn't buy them since I found them at Sam's, and it was a 40-package pack, and I'd eat them ALL!  I love Mounds and Almond Joy, and M&M's, and awesome they must be...  So then, at all the different stores we were looking for a single pack-they don't exist!  So watch the local vending machines-and get me one if you see them! : )
Here's a link to a review-apparently they've been out for a while-how did I exist without knowing about them?  One thing I learned: they are coconut-flavored solid chocolate, not coconut-filled.  Lowers my expectations, slightly disappointed, but would still like to try them!
Ok, after more (unnecessary) research, I've discovered I may actually prefer the Almond Joy pieces, since they actually contain coconut (and bits of almonds, but I can handle that-after all the Almond Joy I enjoyed tonight contained 2% of my daily calcium, only 49 more bars to go!)
Ok, after boring you with my candy obsession, I think I'll go obsess online over double strollers!  G'night!


Mary Ella said...

We have a Bumbleride double stroller all terrain. I love it. It attaches most car seats, has canopies, storage, play bars and comes with blankets that zip up. It also fits through one door like when shopping and such. It is easy to fold down and can push it with one hand. If you have any questions about it feel free to call/ask. Good luck!!

Holly said...

Ok, I'm checking it out now!! : ) The only one we found was the Graco DuoGlide. I'm looking online, but we are going to FL next week, and there are FOUR babies-r-us around Clearwater!! We'll go to some (heehee) and check them out. How heavy is it? I read it shouldn't be more than 1/3 your weight. Yours sounds awesome! I'm sure you've needed it! : ) THanks!! : )

The Mom said...

Florida next week:) Wow! Hope you have a wonderful time!

I look forward to in the a.m., your bringing the little fellow over to visit? Nine a.m.?

Holly said...

Ok, how on Earth can you put car seats on it? Send me a link of the one you can do that with! I found the Indie Twin, but I haven't read about any car seats. If it's only 29.5 inches wide, how do the car seats fit? I love it-seems so comfy and nice. I read that this year's model has a two-hand open/close now-is that like yours, or just the one-hand close? I am thinking we aren't going very many places when they are too small, and I doubt we go out much this winter. It'll probably be all next spring/summer. I just want the option of getting out alone, and being able to maneuver!

Holly said...

Yay-Florida!! We leave in less than a week now!! Woohoo! : )

Yep, I'll bring Ethan a little before 9-U/S is at 9:15! : ) I can't wait!

Mary Ella said...

I just looked in the manual and it said only one car seat fits at a time. Obviously I don't have twins (ours is the Indie twin). Sorry but good luck finding an awesome stroller they are worth every penny!!!

Holly said...

Ok, that's what it looked like- I couldn't figure out how two could fit, and STILL fit thru a doorway! : ) I'm still looking, I think I'll have to go with a tandem (front/back) instead since I really want one that holds car seats. I already have two doubles-but they are side-by-side! I'll get one, thank you!!!!!