Saturday, September 12, 2009

Take a Breath!

Finally, a moment to breathe, and not think about the Walk (although I still am...).

We had a great walk today! We had friends old and new show up, and we had a lot of fun. I'll post some pictures either in a slideshow down below or to the right. : ) I never am totally ready, and was feeling so behind this week, but it pulled together, and went fine. I didn't get the shirts printed till Thursday (and didn't get them till 5pm!). That always throws me off. I may have to look for a new place next year. I have a good hint that Logoworks could be good. I'll check into it early next year! I might do a school walk in the spring, and print two sets: one for the school kids, and one set for our walk in the fall. Do you have a good theme for us? I'm already planning, and I can't wait to plan another walk shirt! I think if I had a good general theme, they'd run with it. They always seek advice, and do really great things with it. I have to say, I got compliments on our event, planning, and organization. I can say I had nothing to do with it! : ) I'm learning to cut down on things, so this was another area...
Anyway, it was fun, tons to do for the kids, and as always, plenty of food, so Kudos! : )

AND, I got to catch up with some friends I haven't seen in a long time, and that was the best! Thanks for coming out to support Mary Claire you guys! : ) It means the world to her!

I go back to the doctor on Monday, so I'm not excited. I have no idea what this appointment is really for, so I'm nervous. Blood work, again? I'm fine, so I just don't know what to expect. It's been two weeks now, so time does continue, and things do move along. I hope I can just tell him I'm fine. Ches says I can't refuse bloodwork, but it should SO be optional!

Gosh, it's been so long, I feel like so much has happened in a week! Ethan got started in Mother's Day Out (first day was Tuesday), and he loved it! He wouldn't even say bye to me. I missed Bible Study since I wanted to take him the first day, and it started before he did. I think that Ches will take him in the future, and then drive to work. We'll get it worked out. Ches is trying to train for the Tour de Cure (100 miles), and ride every day plus get in a four hour ride every Friday-Yeah, I just tell him good luck with that. At least I can say I know someone who can do it . : )

Mary Claire was so high last Wednesday that I had to go get her at school since she couldn't eat. Her blood sugar just stayed over 240 for too long. I'm sure she had ketones by then. I got her, brought her down, then she ate with me while we were at Susan's hanging out. She ended up going with me to drop an extra shirt to print at the shirt shop, then to Rogers to pick up Ethan, then I took her back to school. It turned out to be fun for her, so she didn't mind. She absolutely loved going into the building to get Ethan! She actually used to go there, so she likes to go back.

We also have had Bank Day to turn in funds for our team for the walk, and I didn't get to tell Deb about the baby. She told Ches congratulations the week before when he went by to drop off money. He didn't have the words or heart (or time) to tell her, so he told me to tell her. How exactly do you bring that up? I haven't said anything to her. She'll figure it out.

Thursday and Friday were catch-up-and-get-ready days! That's about the time I got hyper and had to start planning. I'm so tired after my lack of sleep, but it's my own fault. I can't wait to get back into the routine, and back to my "normal" busy. Routine can be very therapeutic. For me.

We didn't go to church as a family last week, so I miss it. We also found out that our priest is being transferred to Fayetteville, and I didn't take it so well. He does such a great job of bringing our parish together, and I just don't know how someone else can do it as well. He's also sweet, and we'll miss him and his exuberance. What more can I say? Loss on all sides this month. I'll just bask in what we do have, and be thankful.


Gigi said...

Holly you did a fantastic job on the walk. You can say you were not organized, but the evidence proves differently. It was great! A million pats on the back.

If you need me to watch Ethan on Monday let me know in advance so I can plan.

When is the Tour de Cure? I will try to take Ches drinks or whatever he needs. Didn't Dad and I do that last year? Unless you are going to?

L & H

Holly said...

I'll check on the Ride to Cure. It'll be about 4.5-5 hours, so he may need more than one drink stop.

I will have to ask Ches if he wants to go to that doctor appt. If he doesn't, he'll watch Ethan. I never know what he wants to do! : )

Thanks, it was a lot of work, but seems to look like not so much. I'm glad it went well. : )