Monday, September 14, 2009

Anger and Respect

The doctor's appointment.
Well, I went. It was okay. I didn't have to donate more blood for testing (Yay!), just some urine for a test. We had a talk, and I was fine. Some of it was medical-related, some was not-so-much, for which I was thankful. (Whew, almost ended that with a preposition!)

Clay is mad/angry/upset/sad with me today. I had to be at the doctor's office at 8:!5, so I took them to school not long before 8:00 this morning. First, I quizzed him on where his homework sheet was, and it was nowhere to be found. He was upset that he'd miss all of his recess tomorrow for not having it (so I wrote out a note to the teacher explaining we may have lost it, but he read every night). Then he got mad that we were later than usual and he wouldn't have time to finish his morning work (and therefore would have to do it at recess today!). I'm wondering...what about the kid who eat breakfast at school? What about the kids who get there at 7:55 every day? What about the kids who ride a bus and have no control over what time they get there? Do they miss recess every day? I told him to just do it quickly when recess started and he'd still have some time to play, but he insisted that it took a long time!

I shall stop here, since I have opinions (like that kids NEED to run around to get out all their energy at recess, and are there better "punishments"?). My kid is good, sweet, and super smart (I know, I'm biased). He read a book last week, took his AR (Accelerated Reader) test, and made 100%, and made 11 points! He's already met his AR goal for the nine weeks. He loves to read, and I just don't want him to have poor grades. We have respect for the teacher and her homework sheets, we just can't keep up with them till the following Monday!! We must have issues.

I sucked up my anger/pride?/issues and went back to the girl scout store. I had to buy the Try-It book for Mary Claire since she has a *habitat* due on Wednesday! I've been putting off a return trip (for previously aired reasons). I took cash, but they still required a name and troop number, which is how the woman actually recognized me. She apologized, and we had some very small talk. I told her it wasn't the first time that killed me, but the second time. It was okay, and she thanked me for not writing them off completely. Don't think I didn't think about it. I totally weighed my options, and really had to decide what was best. It was super hard, but I think girl scouting is good for her.

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