Saturday, August 22, 2009

Time on your hands

Just ask me where me where I am! No, really. I’m at Fayetteville Athletic Club (yes, where I don’t have a membership). I’m here with Mary Claire selling sneakers for JDRF to fund research for a cure. It’s a tough sell. No one brings money with them to the gym. I tried to use reason with the powers that be, but I’m totally doing what I’m told. I’m just hoping I don’t end up buying them all. I’ve already bought two to entertain Mary Claire! And I don’t have anything less than a $20, so here’s hoping we sell some! : )

*Update: We did! We sold about 20-25 sneakers, and two shirts! : )

The two biggest things going on in my life: higher metabolism (should be a good thing) and my ongoing sleepiness. I’m either sleeping or eating. I eat, and within an hour, I’m hungry! I’ve been eating yogurt, drinking milk and juice, trying to add protein, extra fruit, and still hungry. And so thirsty.

I started a blog post yesterday, but never finished it. I’ve been cleaning so much (laundry room, office, my bedroom, the bathrooms, changing sheets, etc.) that I just didn’t have time!

Clay had a soccer game today too! He did well; he stayed with the ball up and down the field, and three times he got it turned around. He’s getting better. He had to miss some practice right after his surgery, but he’s working at it, and seems to be having fun! There was a kid who isn’t very nice to him at school, and he saw him today. They said hi, and it seemed to be okay. He just tries to be friends with everyone, and it hurts his feelings when someone is mean back to him. He’s working on it. They are both really smart, and read together in their 6th grade books, but it’s getting old for Clay. Hopefully it’ll change this year? Maybe the kid grew up this summer? I hope so!

I had a bad dream last night. You never know what they mean. I dreamed I was yelling at Clay, trying to get him to be quiet or something. It made me so upset, and I tried to tell Ches about it, but he was really asleep. I went up and hugged and kissed on Clay, and kept asking him if he could hear me. He finally nodded yes (more or less, to get me to leave!), then I had to hug on Mary Claire too. She never woke up. I came downstairs and prayed for the kids and our family. I just don’t know if it’s my anxiety coming up, some old guilt ?, or just some yucky dream. It worried me, and I hated to see the yuck coming from me and hurting me. I know it’s just a dream, but sometimes they crystallize what’s in your head. I remember when Clay was little, and Mary Claire was born, sometimes he’d walk on her hands, or not be nice to her, and it made me so mad. I’m sure he was just jealous, but I think I worry Ethan might have that jealousy: going from baby to big brother.

We are taking name suggestions. We are still liking one of our old names, and have a couple new ones. We like the E’s, A’s, M’s, and C’s. We want it to go along with the kids’ names. When I pick up a name book, I get so overwhelmed! There are so many to choose from, they all mean different things, and last night I found a book that encourages you to rank each name you like in 10 different categories (like gender obviousness, if you like the initials, etc.). I can’t say I’ll be doing that one. I mean, if it’s your first, you’ve got some time on your hands. Can’t say I do.

Last night, Ches and I went out. We had some PF Chang’s for dinner, then shopped a little (and saw the crazy Inglorius Basterds). I had a great trip into Brighton, and was told on my way to, “Find something for your birthday!” so I did. I found a great watch, some earrings, and a bracelet that went with some of the earrings! Fun, fun, fun. Boy, I do love to shop, and jewelry never fails to be fun! I got some of the new earrings that you can add little hang-y things too like my bracelet that I change the charms on. I got some rhinestone-covered hearts, big rhinestones, and rhinestone-studded cuffs to hang on the hoops. I got some adorable crosses, and some studs too. I have lost two pair of earrings in the last week, so I had to replace them! I don’t know if I left them in Ocean City, or if I came back with them they’ve been gone so long. I’m happy with my new ones, so I’m going to quit looking! : ) I figure I can’t buy clothes for my birthday, only stuff that I can wear for a while. Yes, don’t worry, shoes are next. Ethan starts school on Sept. 8th, so I’ll fit in some time for shoes! : )

Ethan swam today! He was in his swimmy suit (Speedo with foam all around him), and he kicked his feet, moved his arms, and swam across the water! Miracle. I was so impressed! He’s a sweetie, and he’s been in the water since he was born, so it really doesn’t surprise me. I’m just glad he figured it out! He stripped down naked when the kids were going inside, and tried to swim again-only to go under. I’m just glad he realizes the suit helps him, so he won’t go jumping in just any old time!

Hug your kids and tell them you love them! I hope we both have good (nice talking) dreams tonight! : )


Gigi said...

:Hugs to you my daughter.

Sleeping is normal in pregnancy and I know you know that already, but try to volunteer for a few less activities.

Sorry I didn't go to Sam's with you tonight. I watched "Bread and Tulips" an absolutely fabulously endearing movie set in Venice. Dad even liked it and replayed the parts he missed while he was on the phone.

You might cut out a few cards to see if you are less sleepy? That's just a thought?

Angie already used Mati, it is such a lovely name. A little baby needs a name that will suffice throughout their adulthood as well as cutesy as a baby.

I can't help. You know me, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. And I love Kennedy or Caroline. It is a tough choice to pick names. (Moses, Jillette, Madison...)


Who knows..

Sleep tight..Love you !!

Anonymous said...

I meant cut out CARBS...

Jackie Jacqueline Jaxon

Gigi said...

I dreamt Kelly, Kacey, Kember, all K names. I gues that was on my mind when I went to night night. Love you..

Holly said...

Heehee, thank you!! I like Matthew, Mati, Kennedy, Caroline, Madison...I'm working on it... None of the K names, sorry.

I've got some time...Tomorrow I have an appt. at the doctor's office. Bloodwork and insurance.
: ) Always fun. I'll have to baby myself afterwards... : )