Monday, August 17, 2009

Smoke Soup

I can just say I'm pleased as punch (now, where on Earth did that saying come from??) with my kids' school and their new teachers. They are both so sweet, and I think we'll have a great year! They also got some great kids in their classes, so it'll be nice for them to spread out and make new friends (and enjoy the ones they already love!). I cried when I saw Mrs. Collier, Mary Claire's old teacher. She just absolutely adored Mary Claire, and she was such a good teacher. Even at the beginning, she was scared to death to teach Mary Claire, but she braved it, and succeeded. And might I say, she did a great job. Don't you find that the people that are scared (honest), are so much easier to teach than the ones who think they can do anything (and with too much confidence?). You just go easier (or slower?) on them or something. Then you feel like you were a decent teacher and they made real progress. I love that she was honest about being scared. We knew where we stood. Ok, there's life after Mrs. Collier. Precious woman of God.

Honestly, they've never had a bad teacher. They've all been wonderful. I can see why Mrs. Doshier can stand behind her school. They're all great! : ) We feel very fortunate to be in this district (although we worked very hard to get here!)

I couldn't sleep this morning-I had excitement in my tummy. Heehee. I had big news to share with my mom, and a million things to accomplish. I made dinner and dessert for a fellow church family for dinner, got the kids ready for the back to school open house, worked on helping mom figure out Facebook and add friends! : ) and talked to some friends on the phone while I worked, ironed, made some monogrammed cups (and monogrammed..), etc.

Oh, I also aired out my house around 10am. Did you see all the windows and doors open? Yeah, it was a little bit smoky. I got so busy on the phone, I walked into my bedroom, left some butter melting on the stovetop, and Wa-La-Magic-Peanut-Butter-Sandwiches! Black stuff stuck in the pot and SmOkE! Ick. Ethan didn't even wander out the doors! Real Magic.
I was heating the butter to saute the veggies for the soup, and it was either too hot or too long. How long was I on the phone? Just don't try this at home.

My other big mistake (seems I can't multitask as well as I thought I could) was the brownies. I made the first batch on autopilot (added the chocolate chips by memory as Ethan was helping) and forgot the pecans on top. I took them out as the timer buzzed. Umm, an hour or two later as I started cutting them, I realized I never checked them! They were gooey-even the edges weren't perfect. I started another batch right away. I wasn't on the phone, so guess what happened? Yeah, perfect. Not burned, just moist, and CooKeD! Yum. I gave them away, and my family had goo for dessert tonight. I think they loved them! Clay did ask me this morning why I always make brownies for other people and not our family (punch to my gut). What do you say? How do you answer? Your sister has diabetes so we try to avoid dessert? Not. I can't defend myself in front of her. Even tonight after her bath, she asked me how I do all the extra work she needs (in tears). And what do you say to that one? I just told her I loved her, and I'd do whatever it took! Oh, how hard parenting can be. Harder than cooking and multitasking and cleaning smoke and praying for their school and teachers all at the same time.

Ok, what are you doing next April? Do you desire to make me a meal? Entertain my kiddos? Wash my car? Mow the lawn? Let's talk help here. : )


Anonymous said...

Why are you asking about next April already? Could there be bread baking in the oven?

Gigi said...

Hello darling..and you can count on me for next April.

:puts you down for thirty days in April.

Dad is hiding in the corner.

He cannot believe his life, my life, your life and all that is swirling around him.

Maybe he will come out of the corner when all the dust settles.

My Denver connection emailed and is ready???

I think number one caused me great frustration with lack of funds, therefore money must be on the table definitively for number two.

Glad your wonderful teachers make your life easier. What about the 'young one'?

I watched "TWILIGHT" .. I want my two hours back...


Holly said...

I told you not to watch that garbage!! : P Just gross. I'm not willing to give up my time for something so stupid.

Ps-Ok, I'll get it out.

Pps-so you are back on ?? Great!! Ask for 50% down! You can't keep spending all your money on paint just in hopes someone will repay you! Most times they don't.

LoveYou! : ) Tell Dad it's all gonna be okay.