Friday, August 7, 2009

Movies and Messes

My husband is not perfect, but he is so sweet in so many ways. (He does drip sweat across my floors, and mow really too often, and sometimes yawns when I'm talking...but don't you?) He makes sure that I get to see all the movies that I say, "I really want to see That One!" He bought tickets on Wednesday for the new movie, Julie & Julia that we saw tonight. He even got us there almost 45 minutes early so we'd have great seats. It was a wonderful movie. Maybe you need to like Julia Child, maybe you need to think she's funny and real, and maybe you need to see a person grow. I just needed it, and wanted to laugh and cry at the same time. At the end, Julie finds out that Julia doesn't really like her (in her words), and it crushes her. I felt for her. But her husband is there to say that she doesn't need that Julia, she has the one in her head that IS proud of her, and appreciates what she's doing, and taking it seriously. You just need to see it.
All the way through the movie, you see how Julia's husband just loves her and supports her. It just makes me thankful for my husband, who supports me (except in a business endeavor...), makes sure I see the Good Movies, makes me laugh, watches Jimmy Kimmel with me, brings me water, and keeps me in fun stationery. (I should mention I got the most adorable/beautiful embosser today! I've been waiting on it for a couple weeks! They custom made it-only out of sucky white hard plastic-y stuff instead of the expected MeTaL it should be. Anyway, it embosses my monogram into paper or envelopes, but warns me not to use it on cardstock or note cards-which I'd been planning, and it's So Not Returnable.) Anyway, I'm thankful for him-God knew just what I needed! : )

Tomorrow, Clay is supposed to have a boy scout meeting/bbq/swim party, but he might get to 66% of that. Ches is planning (unless he's still having the erratic bleeding..) to take him to the meeting, eat, then come home. There's just no way he'll be ready to swim. He has another soccer practice on Tuesday, but I doubt he'll be able to practice by then! I can't believe it's taking so long for his nose to stop bleeding. Every time he gets up, moves quickly, or gets excited, it bleeds again. He hates the pain medicine (which I should thank my lucky stars for!), and doesn't want to take it. The thing is, it keeps him down. So, when he's not on it, he is playing around. I had to keep him in his room with a tv today. He did alright when he stayed in there! Keep praying for my baby. He's been so huggy, cuddly, and sweet. It's precious that I'm getting the old Clay back, if even for a week or two! Sometimes he can act so tough and grown up!

Well, do you remember the clean under-the-stairs-closet? Well, it's gone. Vanished. Into thin air. Well, really I guess it disappeared slowly as junk got added to it. It happened right under my nose. It is now stocked with more stuff that shouldn't be in there. It's my Holding Cell. It holds the things until they move on to their right places. Including: Mary Claire's perfumery (which she's used almost all of), my vacuum cleaner (it's his home, really), wrapping paper box, Pottery Barn sale stuff, books on sale at Borders (yes, too amazing to pass up, so I bought 3 bags worth. But they were on sale!), school supplies (on sale too.. and they won't be all year!), books from book orders for kids' surprises, etc. I'm really beginning to see a pattern now that I type it out. It's my Sale Closet. I know, I know. It's not a good deal if I don't need it. But-I might one day!
(I figure it's not a run-on paragraph, but it's not quite a new subject..) And I'm back to the land of piles. I keep meaning to pick them up, but they are breeding. I have piles of art/pictures, piles of medical supplies, piles of magazines (they just keep coming!), piles of books, piles of beach towels, piles of laundry, I should stop now. I am really not a messy person. I don't know how they start or how they don't dissipate. I mean, they just get to be part of the scenery, and just kinda fit in. There's just not time to clear them. That may be my new goal. Mission: Dissolving Piles. Hey! Maybe my sweet husband will help me! : )


Gigi said...

I hope Clay is doing well today. As long as he stays horizontal, he doesn't ooze the red stuff. I had to really work at it to get him stationary last evening and keep him that way.

Not to be confused with 'stationery' with a new embosser;o) You will love it! I think the card shop in Salt Lake City has those to order in metal, you remember the name...umm..? aha!

Tabula Rasa .. ?

Or The Corporate Connection 888.253.2344 has them out of Mass., but truly yours will be fine unless you talk hubby into a second one? hehe

Very pricey they are..

But you and me and Sissy all like our special writing materials. (Because we can't stop writing/typing/sending posts and cards. I have tried to curtail my obsession with writing, but to no avail. I am worse that an alcoholic:)

:raises her hand

Hello my name is _____ . I write contantly. I have been writing since I was two and cannot stop. If I can't write, I color, or type. Please help me with me addiction. I have been one second without typing and my addiction controls me. I once dreamed of being an alcholic but liquor makes me not able to write.


And yes, Ches is a fine man. Not perfect, mind you, but fine indeed. He has taken excellent care of you and his babies all the while trying to maintain his own hobbies and keep up with the things that he loves as well. (And the only reason he sweats across the kitchen floor is: he has just ridden his bike to Fayetteville and back, which is a feat unto its own, or mowed the lawn and weedeated one more time, or ran a marathon, and the shower is in the back of the house:)

Don't you think sometimes we forget who we are and just apply the spouse's likes and dislikes as our own? Whoa..I just typed one hundred words that should not be onscreen anywhere.

But I bet you know where I am going.....

This is the weekend. Let's enjoy.

C'est la vie...

P.s. Don't let your 'under the stairs' closet be a burden. Let it be your joy.

Holly said...

heehee You are FuNnY!! : D I ToTaLLy know where you are going! : )

But, I just hate messes. I get them cleaned up, and they reappear! (sometimes somewhere else!)

I had a great, relaxing day, so fun! Nothing big, just relaxing. Played Monopoly Jr. with the kids! : )