Saturday, July 18, 2009

There's always a first.

About my dad's friend that's been helping, my dad says, "Of course he'll be back tomorrow, who wouldn't for 50 bucks an hour?!" to the sweet lady we're all helping for FrEe. She either didn't hear him, or chose to ignore his humor. I did think it was funny, but I know him. : ) heehee

What a fantastic day! : ) I got up early, and set right to work. I just love those feel-productive days! I really swear (not that I should) that I love to do stuff. If I got to choose, I would absolutely never lay around the house. Even if no one was home. I'd get the chance to MoP or clean windows, clean off the deck, water my flowers without some little person escaping out the door in his underwear! Geez, clean my van, vacuum, dust those icky spots, organize my desk, etc. I could literally go on for two days (well, if I had two days).

Anyway, I had the kids go outside (and watch Ethan), and they played sidewalk chalk, had snacks, drinks, I set them up a table, they drew on it, then they progressed to painting with water on the driveway (because I'm a neat freak. It involves a small cup of water and a paintbrush. They "paint" on the driveway, then it dries! Genius, if I do say so myself!), then the Biggie. They all got on swimsuits, and played with buckets of water, measuring cups, and even put on masks, and dunked their faces in the buckets! When they were good and soaked, I took them their lunch, and they ate outside. The entire time I was running back and forth (and obviously hyped up on tea), monitoring them and making dinner for the family with the precious new baby girl! I chopped veggies, cooked and diced chicken, made absolutely yummy brownies! and then cleaned up the kitchen and the hearth room which was destroyed again (takes only an estimate of 4 minutes with 3 children). Then by the time they had lunch, my dishwasher was busy, and I washed their dishes, and I was done! WooHoo! Ches put Ethan down (oh, are you wondering where Ches was all morning? Bed.), and then I got the kids washed and put together, and we headed out!

We delivered the dinner (ok, so it was early), and I got to see the absolutely adorable baby Veronica. She's still New Baby tiny-which only lasts a week or two (the time it seems to take their heads to grow). Ahhhh...just precious. Babies are just miracles. No more can be said.

Then we traveled not far down the road to Mom's friend's house. We stayed there till almost 5, not being very nice. Mom's friend is soooo very nice, sweet, best person she can be. And we had to tell her all the things we'd change/improve about her house to help it sell. How sucky a day could it have been for her? She was so gracious, even with all the honesty flying around. I told the truth, only because I really care about her and her house selling! One of my friends on Facebook posted yesterday that "Lies are ripples". It is so true. I don't want to make ripples. If I can't say it to her, I can't say it. So, I told her.

Then we ran to Target to let the kids spend their money (Tooth Fairy money included), and we were there for an HoUr! We'd forgotten Mary Claire's meter at the friend's house, so we did a little shopping for her! We found the most beautiful ripple-y turquoise-y shower curtain-just amazing. Enough so, that I wish I had a shower to hang one on! Then we added a shower curtain rod, some rings (cute ones!), a bamboo roman shade (for the bathroom too)...and then we ran all over the store looking for light switches, wire ties, etc. Fun!

The most amazing thing I can say about that trip (minus the AmAzInG shower curtain) was that my baby, my big boy, elected to not get anything at Target. He decided to save his money. For the First Time Ever. I kinda did use language like, "maybe you'll find something at the Museum of Natural History", "maybe you'll buy something down by the beach", "there will be lots of stores on vacation!" etc. But still! He actually went with it for the first time. Of course, Mary Claire loaded up on junk at the One Spot: stapler, desk set with protractor (well, it was red), and a little flower-shaped case with push pins, paper clips, etc.

Then we backtracked back to the 'house, and got MC's meter, went by our house, picked up Ethan, and headed to Kendra's to let out her baby to peepee. And she was so good! She ran right out and peed! We kinda cheered for her, and then she quit. Hopefully we didn't scare her! She walked around and peed some more. We took her in since she didn't really want to play, but Zoe wanted to play with her too! So, we all went out back, and the kids jumped on the trampoline (since we don't have one..) and they had fun! Zoe ate all her food, so I bugged Kendra to see if she should have more!

Back home, and busy snacks, jammies, brushed teeth, stories (more Pooh and the Princesses Are People Too), then put the kiddos to bed, late. I'm investing in the fact that maybe they'll sleep in? But then. There was the yelling that came from Ethan's room. He had made a train track all along (the inside of ) his bed! He was frustrated that he couldn't round the corner! I had to set him straight. We cleaned up, and I told him to go to sleep!

What a great day! I feel like I got a lot done, and it was all fun. I learned a lot (whole other story), and I felt blessed to be able to help others. What blessings we receive when we allow our spiritual gifts to function. It runs so smoothly. I'm still learning, and I'm having an amazing time in the process! Woo Hoo! : ) Bring it on!


Gigi said...

Good Morning~~

Wouldn't it be a glorious day if everyone helped each other?

I found this online. I thought it was apropos.

"There is no doubt that it is more blessed to give than to receive. However, there is no basic difference between giving and receiving. If giving is like exhaling, receiving is like inhaling. There must be someone to accept what we give. There must be someone who needs our help, our love and care. Without a taker, there can't be a giver. We each receive certain gifts when we come into this life. We may receive acknowledgement, appreciation, validation, nurturing, love, and in certain circumstances, money or other material rewards. Receiving in these ways allows us to replenish the life force we have "spent," which in turn enables us to continue giving. So receiving and giving are opposite energies that are inextricably linked together in the natural flow of life, like inhaling and exhaling."

Now take a deep breath.

Doesn't that feel good?

Check your email as well.

Now, I'm off to see the wizard...the wonderful Wizard of Oz...

Have a fab day..


Holly said...

Feels great! : )

I already checked it. Is there more? : ) You too! I know you worked hard yesterday. It'll get better. You HaVe to get those counter tops changed!! : ) Seriously!!

Gigi said...

Good Morning! Another day of painting. This day an amazing transformation of the dining room. I have read all about 'how' to do it properly. If I just didn't have to wait for the washing machine to stop and throw the clothing in the dryer, I could leave.

Dad is off to Farmington to get the glass shelves for the LR..

Pray for patience for me.

Sometimes we are a dot in the universe, other times we are someones universe. **smiles**

I have little MC's twinkle toes stuffed toy in the automobile as well as Ethan's blue shorts with me, in case you are out and about.

I will pass along to John and Christine about the pool. Maybe on my cell phone on the way to the property up north...? Or email?

Have a great day.. L&H

Holly said...

Okay, I can see you posted yesteday. I have had a post hung out to dry for a day and a half now! It's posted, but I hope your day went well! I'm totally saying prayers for you guys. You are her hope right now. Please get the front door painted, the living room walls, and the counter tops redone in tile. I think it's the minimum to stage it. Seriously! : )

Well, maybe John can take care of it next time!
: )