Thursday, July 9, 2009

I now possess big hoop-y earrings!

Stuffing my face with Cinnamon Life (hungry!) after swimsuit shopping with Kendra! Fun! Most of the swimsuits are now 25-50% off, which means you can get a top OR a bottom. They don't have tons of matching ones to choose from. I did find an adorable floral one with a ruffle along the bottom, and it was 50% off! So, only $50. Then on the way to the back of the store, I got too distracted with cool new shoes and earrings! I have made it into the Summer of 2009 with no big hoop earrings. What is wrong with me? So, now I have some! And the cutest fancy, blingy silver rhinestone gladiator sandals. I'll have to show you their cuteness. I've been a little slow on the pictures, so Sorry.

Today was library day! We had fun, Ethan did the dinosaur march, and then had to go peepee towards the end. So much cooler than peeing his pants, so I was okay with skipping out. When we made it back, it was over! Sandra had gotten my purse and bag, so we were covered (Thank you, Sandra!)! We hung around while Ethan did puzzles, and I found Mary Claire a book about how to draw horses. Clay found the cutest book on a little mouse's fears, and we'll probably make him a little book on his fears (darkness, scary things, etc.).

When does your memory start to fade? My fading has already begun. I started a book, and I'm a good three chapters in, and I realized I've already read it. The worst part? I can't remember how it ends. Nothing better than a whole new experience, for free! So try rereading your own books! : )

Today we had a big crazy moment. The people who bought our last house called and wanted a copy of the plat map. Ches looked all over, and was late to his dermatology recheck (got two more places freeze-burned off, btw) because of all the sincere searching. He told me right before he left, so I took up the search. I had looked all over (files, drawers, tubs), then I asked St. Anthony (patron saint of lost things) to help me, and he did. I re-searched, more slowly, and found the OriGiNaL from the developer, with all the original signatures, and the stamp from the county, with the page from the country records written on it. (So, I'm feeling all in possession of an Important Document, hoping we don't have it illegally...) I called the new homeowners, and informed them (sadly), that there was a 20 ft. utility easement at the rear of the property, and they've already dug the hole for their new pool. Oh, I do not envy that position. Not only the wrong hole position, but the fun-ness of dealing with the city building inspectors. There are so many hoops to jump through! Anyway, I can plan for some things, and others you just take as they come!

Clay tried the new Breathe Right strips I got him, but tore it off after about 30 minutes. He just didn't like it. I sure hope the doctor can help him, 'cause I'm having no luck! : P

My battery is now down to 15%, so I'd better wrap it up, before I lose it all! Wish I had a warning like that on my real brain!

p.s. I'd recommend not eating like crazy after you come home from swimsuit shopping. It doesn't help so much with the fit. Just so you know.

p.p.s. I'm not losing it over Michael Jackson's death, just fyi. I am sorry for his family's loss, but I will be able to go on in my life.


Gigi said...

~~Busy mom prevails once again...

I will purchase the 'breathe right' strips from you so they won't go to waste. I had so hoped they would help Clay.

Michael Jackson passed unexpectedly. That is the news, but national news, breaking coverage constantly, I don't think so.

Now, when the BEATLES broke up, that is another story. I saw George Harrison in Central Park before his untimely death. He was sitting on a park bench near the Strawberry Fields memorial to John Lennon. Paul is still doing well (new woman in his life) and Ringo is still at the top of his game as well.

Why would people from four years ago want a plat map from you? Why not call the plat office? (Is there a plat office?:) I did see where our local county is reducing tax rates on homes because home values are down...

Sounds like you and Kendra had fun. Good for you!!

Monday at three-thirty I am back on the clock in Cave Springs. Exciting things will happen:o) Or at least I hope so. I am booked every evening at three-thirty until dark-thirty.

Dad is repairing the garage door. Please don't let me abuse it again? Maybe I should use the front or back door and stop the incessant thirty times a day of raising and lowering it when the doggies need to do their business. Although on the upside, the spring was only thirty bucks from the wholesaler. (And the labor is free;o)

Okay, now off to work for me. I still haven't put away the groceries from Wednesday night. I work so much better under pressure.

By the way, did you put the IRR photos on your facebook page? Or my photo? EEEEEK...

You will be glad to know the IRR is totally completed and awesome....there will be no eating in my room anymore! Maybe drinking, but no eating.


Holly said...

but aren't you glad it's fixed??
I've posted no pix, so there's an impossibility that your IRR pix are posted! : ) I'm so behind...

You are so sweet to get back on the job and help her. I know she needs it (your help!), but the runaround!?