Tuesday, July 14, 2009

It's a note. . .For You!

I'm in the office on sabbatical (except that it'll be a very short sabbatial). I've finished the hardest part of the second dress, and the computer I use for monogramming just died. I guess a day off of the cord was all it could take? Hmph. So, I plugged it in, and am waiting to design a monogram for this dress. It won't digitize as many fonts as my old computer would. Software getting old for its age, or less intelligent computer?

Ok, today is going to be my Gripey Day. It sucks. I can't talk, and that alone is enough to stress me out. I have SO much to say! So this morning, I asked Ches to call my doctor (read: nurse) since my throat is still in sooo much pain. (I think little knives are sneaking into my room, and cutting up the inside of my throat in the nighttime. I bet that turns into a bad dream tonight. Ahhh!! And I can't talk on the phone (second most stressful thing-I can't blather on about my misery to anyone!). So, back to the story..I asked Ches to call the doctor to tell him about my pain, and that I coughed up some stuff this morning. First, he's all stressed since he has to go to work (RiGhT NoW!) (on his vacation-yes, he doesn't get paid for summer unless he teaches or has grant money to pay for research, so you could call it unpaid vacation) for a student's dissertation defense (and can I ask why she couldn't fit it in in the regular school year?). Anyway, I follow him around, asking him to call, and he's all busy/ready to leave/annoyed, but finally relents. Then I go up to give the kids baths, and I can hear the tv in the office. What? What happened to In a Hurry? So, I say, just forget it, go to work! Then he comes out and he says it's (le Tour de FrancE) almost over. Ahh, time for TdF, but not time for my kniving throat? Ahhhhh!!! (See why I need to call someone who cares?) I go downstairs, and do the request again (more or less, "Leave for work, or Make the Call.") He is totally in a trance watching Stuipid TdF. Why did Lance need to come back? To torment me? So, I look at him, and say, "Are you even listening to me?" and he says,"Well, not really, it's near the end!" So, I walk off to get my shower, and forget him. So, later I see him in our room, and tell him I'm mad. Only two words since more would make the knife-y pains worse. It can only be infection, acid reflux, or cancer. And that is totally freaking me out! He made the call. He didn't say exactly what I wanted, but he did it. He left an hour and a half later than his "I gotta go!!" So, he must've planned to ride around a while on the way or something. I'm sure I'm hyper-sensitive *and in pain* so he was frustrating me today. I'll be better. I hope.

Mess #1: Ethan peed in the floor-upstairs.
Mess #2: Hearth room destroyed, popcorn all over floor, pee in potty chair, big box inside, more of my scotch tape all pulled out and used up (remember I cleaned, vacuumed, dusted last night?)
Mess #3: Hot pink room all messy-some dishes still on table, more popcorn on floor, towels everywhere, chairs all crazy everywhere.
Mess #4: Mary Claire's room-18 pairs of shoes all OuTSiDe the closet, plus tons of stuff everywhere that I don't even feel like taking the time to type about.

But, my kids are clean, and they are kinda napping. I had to go back in Ethan's room once, and Clay and Mary Claire have each come down once (once I heard my scotch tape being pulled out-when interrogated, it was a note "for me")

Yuck day. I did get a shower, but my crazy hair dried all goofy and wavy-curly and not in a good way. There's even a headband crease. I don't even care. Oops. Except today is gymnastics, and I'll have to take her. Shoot. One more thing to goof up my day! Now..how to make my hair mess (#5) presentable...


Gigi said...


You aren't drinking soda are you? Or citrus?

Maybe your doctor shouldn't have been so quick to diagnose reflux without proper tests?

What is it you are coughing up? (Only Mother's can ask this question;o)

I will be painting daytime tomorrow and probably into the evening. I intend to 'create a miracle in the LR', or hopefully anyway. It's fighting me back.

If you allow Clay to be in charge for one hour, he will do well. Then pass the torch to Sissy, and she being the middle child, will try to be so much better than Clay. Therefore you will have kids helping out when you don't feel well. (This is a suggestion;o)

Lesley brought several cucumbers for us and you and mostly Clay. One of the cukes is a 'twin'. You have to see this...

Can't wait to see your creative genius at work. Post photos when possible. And again, why not take a day off and do nothing. Let your body recoup a bit.


Holly said...

I do need it. I tried to lay down today, but Ethan was awake already. He didn't take a nap the day before! Oh No!!!!: O