Monday, July 13, 2009

From Doctors to Dresses

My sewing machine needs a nap. It's so tired from all that I've made it do in the last two days. I'm trying to perform miracles and play the Good Mommy game, but I always come in last place (well, sometimes I make it in at 43rd place, when I make the expecially cool outfit, delicious dinner, and manage to clean toilets, all in the SaMe day!)

I took my boy-in-pain-yesterday to the doctor today, thinking he had the same as me: strep throat. Wrong. He only had swimmer's ear. He got an antibiotic (but the doctor said not to fill it *odd?* just to use alcohol since it looked like it was healing), and is absolutely fine. Hmph. So, we slightly overbooked, and I went to my doctor next. I thought I had strep throat (and was busy spreading it all over town). Wrong. I have acid reflux, and got some Protonix to keep my meals down where they belong. Apparently, you have to avoid citrus. Oh, that's where this stupid flare-up came from (let's new Sam's pineapple addiction, new Minute Maid Lite Lemonade *refrigerated section!*, all the fruit, and my newest Crystal Lite drink fix-with citric acid as the number one ingredient!). Now, what will I eat? I seriously left my coke and chocolate addiction at the door, and migrated over to the fruity addiction. Now what? Not Atkins. I shall pout. : P

For fun today, Kendra (and all our kids in their match-y outfits *really wish I'd taken a pix!*) and I ran around town: to Fabric Gallery for fun new fabrics for outfits, then to Chick-Fil-A for a great lunch (minus the kid who "pinned" Clay down inside the slide), then back on the run to Hobby Lobby-more fabrics and trims. I almost finished the second dress (So cute with Tres Chic fabric in pink, hot pink, lime, black and black tulle!) and haven't started matching pants yet. I got the cutest black ravel-y flowers to go along the pant legs-uber cute. Hope they are finished soon!

I'll work on getting a pix of the other outfit posted. What fun! I think I get distracted easily, but it's currently sewing! Tomorrow, who knows?

I'm considering doing a workshop, with proceeds all going to JDRF. I have been praying for God to show me what to do to help, and maybe this is it. I do know I have gifts to share, and I take them for granted, I guess. I don't realize that by sharing the things that come easy to me, that it really does help others. It just seems like they can do it too, since it's so easy! Maybe I'll teach the dress/jumper making, bow making, ribbon-ruffled socks, paci-clip making, changing your son's old jeans into precious ruffle-y capris for your daughter (my fun specialty!), I guess I could monogram their dresses if I knew in advance. Oh, there's so much I could do. I don't want people's money, but I could do it if they wrote checks to JDRF, and they'd get a tax deduction for a bow or a dress to take home! : ) Now there are two people who couldn't be uncheered! : )

So, back to the Good Mommy Game: Two doctors appointments, lunch and shopping with friends, sewing time, dinner with fruits and veggies!, vacummed downstairs (plus stairs!), dusted downstairs, cleaned downstairs bathrooms, blogged a little, caught up on news, (all without much of a voice) and shall drop from exhaustion momentarily. Good dreams of 6th place, as this won't happen again for a month or so...


Gigi said...

Give yourself a break.. You do too much.

And all with a trip scheduled next week. Take a day off and do nothing (absolutely nothing except feed the kiddies and rest). Remember the busy mom psalm...maybe the 23rd Psalm: The Lord restoreth my soul:)

Can't wait to see the new goodies you have been sewing..


Holly said...

I'll get pix up soon. I am almost finished with the second dress. Maybe I'm planning to rest on vacation? : )

Kendra said...

We had so much fun matching and playing with you guys! :) You are such a sweetheart!!

Holly said...

Thanks, we had a blast! : ) And got so much done!!