Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Days just zoom by!  I feel like summer is almost half over.

We are just taking it a day at a time-literally.  We make it through the evenings with Carter-still on and off crying-and then the mornings are slower.  I get up with the kids, and Ches sleeps in.  I really like the house all quiet in the morning-I can get the kitchen cleaned, things picked up, and laundry started before the house really gets going.  Then in the day we run errands, swim, or see friends.  By evening we have to figure out dinner-sometimes we are eating at 8pm! then gear up for whatever Carter has in store. ; )  I am out by 11:30, and Ches stays up with the little guy till he's exhausted.  Hoping a bedtime will surface in the near future. ; )

He's finally smiling at us-I told the doctor at his two month appointment that I didn't feel like he was making eye contact, and not smiling (on purpose-there are all kinds of smiles in his sleep!).  But..two days later, he was smiling..and now does it every day. :o) I didn't want to worry about him, but darn those baby emails I get every Monday with the milestones!  Enough to stress me out.

He's also still in baby mittens.  When I take them off and retrim his nails..he always manages to reach up, grab his face, and claw himself, especially when he stretches.  I've never had a baby scratch their face like he does!  Mittens are new territory to me.  I keep wondering if I take them off for a few days if he'll make the connection that he's doing it to himself.  Are they old enough for cause-effect relationship?  ..Nahh..I didn't think so. ; )
I think I have a thing for a sleeping baby! ; )

He was 11lbs. 12oz. at his two month check up, so I'm guessing he's just over 12 pounds now, but we are moving up to 3-6 month clothes.  Some of those stiff cotton clothes are soo hard to get on him!  I got a friend the same outfit as Carter as a gift (the boys are the same age!), and I just want to apologize to her!  It's awful.  He's only worn it once, but it was tough to get it on/off, and when I tried to put it on him the second time, it was too much.  That one retired early.  And I've decided I like one-pieces better.  His shirt rides up when I'm holding him, and who likes a waist if you don't have to have one? ; )

He's super good at holding his head up, and loves to sit (with us holding him of course!).  We got him a Johnny Jump Up..but he can't use it till he's three months and holding his head really still.  He loves to stand (well, in that stiff legs on your lap kind of way, or "walk up my tummy shelf" way).

Ethan had ear surgery this morning.  His hearing had slowly gone downhill..he was even yelling to us, and really couldn't hear at all.  He failed his hearing test miserably, and could only hear if you maintained eye contact, enunciated very clearly, and spoke loudly.  His old p.e. tubes had finally fallen out, and his ear drums were retracted (sucked in based on negative pressure).  It was no wonder he couldn't hear!  He did well, the worst was taking the Versed before surgery.  It tasted gross, but was supposed to make him drowsy, sedated, and keep him from remembering anything unpleasant.  The only thing he remembered was having to swallow the awful stuff!  He also had his adenoids removed.  Sometimes if they have to put in a second set of tubes they'll take the adenoids out at the same time, it usually means they are enlarged and blocking the drainage of the eustachian tubes.  He's home now and doing fine.  He was so excited to be able to hear, bless his heart.

Mary Claire is good, she got to go to Gigi's house last night to miss out on surgery this morning!  Her blood sugar had been super high on Monday, but after a new site and basal corrections, she's running low now (well..70-100).  She loves the extra little treats she gets when she's low-ish.  Real Coke (from Gigi), good chocolate milk, Nerds, and extra free foods.  She's also being really good since we're working on redoing her room!  We bought some mattresses, and I'm going to make her a slip-covered head board.  I bought the lumber on Sunday afternoon, but had to finish up a couple other projects first!  She also wants her room repainted pale turquoise, and then new bedding, and everything else follows. ; )  We found a very mature picture to work from, with mostly white bedding-beautiful.  Whether or not she'll stick to the scheme..not sure! : )  Feathers are calling her name. ; )

Clay is off at boy scout camp this week-three hours away.  I took him to the drop off on Sunday morning, and we stopped to get bait (live night crawlers!) and cash on the way there.  I also was going the wrong way...we still made it on time though..miracle! : )  He was really excited-we'd packed all his stuff up (in tubs), and he had tons of food, his fishing pole, and his bike.  I've been praying so hard-we talked all about getting lost if they were hiking and what to do!  I just worry, but I'm sure he's having a wonderful and swimming every day, plus all the neat classes he's taking.

We sent a care package with another parent this morning (with over 4 dozen chocolate share!), some plastic waterproof playing cards, a pea-less 120 decibel whistle (for hiking ; ), new baseball cards, a tennis ball, fresh socks and towel...just stuff I thought he'd need/want.  We are planning to drive down tomorrow to visit, I'm sure he'll only have time to see us at lunch or dinner!  He really loves all the outdoorsy stuff they are doing, and I'm so happy for him.  Even though I'm really missing him.

Just FYI.  If you get lost in the woods (or anywhere I guess..) and separated from your group, stay in the place you last saw them.  Don't wander around.  Hug a tree, Mr. Brian says.  : )  You'll need a pea-less whistle (the others with the ball (pea) don't work if they get wet), a trash bag to sleep in or use as a poncho if it rains, something to start a fire if it's cold weather, and water.  (I even told Clay if he runs out of water, he'll have to start peeing in his water bottle.  He loved that.)  I found the best fire starter things (a magnesium fire starter)-it was a silver rectangle that you shave on one side with your pocket knife (oh yeah-you need one of those!), then strike the other side to light the shavings, which are magnesium.  They burn at an extremely high temperature, so even wet tinder will ignite.  Cool.  I didn't get him one of these based on the BURN BAN here after all our missing rain, and that he'd probably want to try it out after he gets home.  Again, dangerous.

Also nifty?  Signal mirrors to reflect light, bracelets made with 27 feet of cording (you just untie the braidy bracelet to use it!), and the pocket sleeping bags were impressive.  All this wonderfully handy (emergency/rescue) stuff does not make me want to camp though.  I love hot showers and a comfy bed.  Air conditioning comes in mighty handy too. ; )

Hope you are having a great summer too!  Hugs, ya'll!


Jen Snow said...

Summer does seem to just be going by and I really want to make the days go by a little slow. Your little guy is growing! I thought it was cute...that is the same color that Faith wants her room. She is all into that teal-ish color. :)

Tracy1918 said...

Wow! Sounds like you guys are really busy! Love the pictures, by the way.

And I hope I never get lost in the woods, but if I do I'll remember the tips!!

NikDuck said...

Love the update and pictures! Adorable baby boy you have! I'm impressed with the project on updating your daughter's bedroom with all you have going on! You're a super Mom!