Sunday, June 3, 2012

We're not in Kansas anymore : )

Guess who’s posting again?  Miracle, I tell you.  Or a road trip..everyone buckled up really gives me some breathing typing room ; ) But, not to worry...when I get home all that laundry catches up with me.
We made a small road trip this weekend-to Kansas City!  We lost our Picture People (the only one in Arkansas!) this past year, so we drove to the closest one. : ) The bringing home of a total matted, framed picture that you can hang immediately has totally been missed!  That’d be my favorite thing about them.  That, the clean backgrounds, and speedy process!  I can appreciate all of the above. ; )
And?  When we checked to see what else there is to do..we found out a new Legoland Discovery Center opened this spring!  We had to go.  And, of course American Girl is totally necessary. ; )

Here are some pictures of our weekend..and tomorrow?  I'll finally get around to uploading our pictures from the photo shoot at Picture People.  : ) 

In the Lego "Factory"-these are the plastic color beads

They got these free lego pieces after the "tour".  (in quotes since it was super short, could be self-guided, and was all in one room.  Also obvious?  They don't make legos there.)

A master builder at work, and on display.  We oogled his toys.

And how much did he weigh in lego bricks?  ..about 17,000!

On the Kingdom Quest ride..Not for little kids, i.e. babies.  We waited at Stroller Parking. ; )

KC Miniland.  Pretty cool.  The city made of Legos..complete with a spinning house, melting witch, and Wizard, from Oz of course (and all made of Legos). 

Took this picture a little prematurely.  He slept through the first half of Legoland.  Then was AwAkE. and unhappy about it the second half!

Should've asked the wizard for a shushing song for my sweet baby?  While we watched the kids on the next ride..they pedaled to fly higher and higher.

Building platforms..and big earthquake proof lego structures!  You could push a button to change the earth shaking movement. ; )

Ethan's favorite: Building cars and racing them!

Legos everywhere, and none of the structures was off-limits ; )

Then, on the way home, we stopped at Ft. Scott cemetery to see Ches' dad's grave site, and I saw the perfect wall for some pictures. ; )

Sweet kids.

Thank you, Ches' daddy, for making a great son!

Isn't the rhythm of the perfectly spaced stones beautiful?  I'm just sorry there are this many that have passed.  Hopefully it was later rather than sooner.

This is the one we're looking for!  Seventh row on the right, 32nd over.  Now, we'll find it easier next time.
Hope you had a great weekend!  Did you do anything fun?  Dress a family for pictures?  in a faraway city?  Do your makeup in the car since you let the kids swim too long in the hotel pool this morning?  Leave your wallet at your hotel..and have to go back for it?  And find and hug the sweet lady who found it and turned it in?  Rock on the porch at Cracker Barrel playing checkers with the kids at 8 at night, knowing you still had a drive in front of you?  Yeah, I had fun too. : )  

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