Monday, March 26, 2012

Invisible Pants

Pants overrated.
I've decided that comfy ones don't exist.  Not at this point.  I tried some new ones on this weekend, but none were just right. (or better than the ones I already had at home!)  So...lately, I'm just staying home and comfy. ; )  My kids laugh when I open the door to them sans pants.  But, they just can't see my newest invisible pants.  They can just call me the Emperor.

I'm also having shirt issues.  I got a few more shirts..but I had to get larges to get them long enough!  Apparently it is incredibly en vogue to wear short shirts?  They aren't much longer than my regular shirts, so they don't cover a-l-l of my tummy.  I'm not down with that.  (because?  I'm not 23, teensy, little-bellied, or a catalog model.)  And when a certain little boy sees a sliver of skin (since it's the perfect height), he sees the need to lift my shirt and expose my belly button spot.  See?  Need Longer Shirts.  Oh, and they help cover my invisible pants.

I have to admit..I have only a couple of pictures of me pregnant-ever.  One of them is on my Sam's card (and totally haunts me every time I pull it out..especially in that flowery maternity shirt!), one pregnant with Clay and one of me with Ethan.  I'm guessing this is it for me, so I'm up to three pictures with this sweet baby!  (and yes, self-tanner is my new BFF!)  (but don't notice the brownish spots around the un-exfoliated areas..I can't reach my ankles!)

Tomorrow marks a full 36 weeks pregnant!  No, I can't believe it, and yes-still pinching myself!  Yep, officially nine months.  I can complain now, yes?  I went to the doctor last Friday, and no progress.  I was so disappointed.  I just knew I'd see a centimeter or something.  Of course, my hopes for this week are back up again.  I am still hoping for next week..

We have seen our April busting at the seams, and I don't know where else to fit in a birth and hospital stay!  The kids have standardized testing the week of April 9-13, and I want to be able to feed them, send healthy snacks to school, and tuck them into bed (early!).  Clay has baseball practice five days in a row, starting Friday (I mean, in addition to the practices he's already having!), he's camping out this weekend, soccer games start Saturday, and It all begins. Ches came in exasperated this evening to tell me the line up, and how busy it was going to be!  (and..kindergarten registration is April first!)

I did, however, manage to get Easter baskets made!  I got them all new liners from Pottery Barn, and monogrammed them last week to match:
Ethan picked his out, green of course! ; )

Clay and Mary Claire picked theirs out too-MC picked pink with flowers, but they are on the back and sides!
I forgot to take pictures of them all loaded up before I covered and hid them in my closet..I was in a hurry to get them done!  If something happens between now and Easter, I still want that bunny to come visit ; )  Although, the big kids keep asking if I can tell The Bunny something they'd like to have..ha!  Mary Claire even asked today for something to help her in math..she's getting good at this.
Clay's basket was all camouflage eggs and tan shreds and new boy scout stuff, Mary Claire's is mostly coupons for American Girl and Kindle stuff (and nail polish and lip gloss!), and Ethan's is still toys (cars, airplanes, and a DSi game).  We are pretty scanty on the candy due to the big D, but there are a few eggs with chocolate. ; )  It gives me a good excuse to buy the bags of candy, and then there is so much left.  Oh..what to do with it all? ; )


Misty said... Beautiful picture..Thanks for sharing! I The Easter baskets look so pretty!

Holly said...

Thanks, Misty! I get nervous about's so much easier to post pix of my kids! ; ) Hugs, girl!

Jen Snow said...

I agree with Faith ~ you look beautiful!! :) I can't wait to hold that little bundle of joy! Warmer weather and things are getting busier, little guy needs to get here and give mommy a few days of rest! ;D

Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

You are BEAUTIFUL!! Wish I was that cute when I was preggo!
Ah, the 'get everything ready' part...that little man will be here soon! ;)
I remember getting Bean's clothes ready for her week of VBS...each day was a certain color...when I was close to having Bug. Ironed, hung together in the closet in order for the week. I was able to take her Monday. On Tuesday I was having Bug!
April will take care of itself if it has to! :)

Kendra said...

Oh are so, so beautiful!! :) I am so excited to hear news when Carter makes his arrival (I know you are!) Prayers for you sweet friend and for precious Carter. :)

Holly said...

Ok, ladies, you are too sweet!! That has been an ego-booster for sure, and just when I needed it! : ) I'm feeling very un-lady-like lately, so bless you!!
Praying for him to come this week..if God has it in His plan!! : )

Nikki said...

You look amazing!!! And very happy, too.

Nikki said...

You look amazing!! And very happy too!