Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Things I'd Like to See

Oh gosh-35 weeks, and SO ready! : )  Not ready as in..packed for the hospital, but can't wait to see him!  (and see my feet again!) (although wearing sandals every day has been uber nice. and the perfect excuse for new ones! heehee)

Let's see..on that note..there are a few more things I want to see.  There was an ingrown hair under my tummy, but there was no way on Earth for me to see I had to request help.  Then I had a bump (think skin tag) on the inside of my thigh, and ditto-had to get help.  Then when we covered it up (after scratching at it) with a waterproof bandaid (red/blue Spiderman was handy and seemed appropriate), and the next morning, I thought it'd be a good idea to wear white leggings...and we had to WORK on that bandaid to get it off!!  Yep..tweezers, scratching, and really red skin.  Those things are designed not to come off.  Well, for at least a week or so!

I'd love to see my belly button again (I might be kinda flappy and crepe-y by the time I see it again!).  It's not just an outie, it's completely flat now.  You can kinda see a circle in it's place, but it's tight.  Do I need a vestige reminding me that I was once a child?  Maybe.  Ethan finds great pleasure in pulling up my shirt (sometimes pulling down my granny pants, and finding my belly button spot.  Then he laughs like a hyena.  And I thought I was teaching tolerance and kindness.  I think he likes that I get all miffed.  And he's started saying I look like Big Anthony, which is a daily read right now.  (for those of you non-teachers..that's Strega Nona's helper that doesn't listen very well..and has to eat lots of spaghetti-and looks prego!) 

Oh, and my favorite jeans.  I'd love to see them on my body (as opposed to the hanger), and feel that skinny, long-legs feel.  Haven't felt that way for a while.  (not that they actually look that way..they just fit so well, are long and require heels)  : ) dreamy..just thinking about it.  And my favorite jammies.  With a waist. ('cause I don't have one!)

And I'd love to see my old seat position in the van.  I used to sit up pretty straight, and I looked tall/old enough to be driving.  Now, I lean back, and barely see over the wheel.  I doubt I'll get pulled over though since I'm driving like a granny to avoid bumps and sharp turns though.  I feel like it shakes my bowl full of jelly, so I creep over those speed bump things.  I'm surely thoroughly annoying to other drivers! 

And..I might like to see the scale just a tad lower.  I know I have almost 4 pounds of blood, 4 pounds of fluid, 3.5 pounds of uterus and placenta...etc.  It'll drop soon enough.  Just don't ask me about my weight until you see Christmas trees for sale.  Or maybe Valentine's candy.

Most of all, I just want to see Carter here, safe and sound.  I just have all these fears about adhesions regrowing and causing him problems, or something happening between now and the next couple weeks.  I just want to see my doctor again (every Friday now!), see my cervix start to change, and then see my date on the calendar circled.
Still waiting.. 


Misty said...

Oh Holly, you made me laugh!! The time will be here before you know it and you will see all of those things again...most importantly your sweet baby boy!! Can't wait for you :)

Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

Can't wait to see your little man, too!
And I totally remember feeling a lot of those things. My biggest 'want' was to be able to lay on my stomach to sleep. I can remember whining to my mother about it and her bursting my bubble reminding me that I wouldn't be able to with boobs full of milk!!

Misty said...

It won't be long now :)
Your bundle of joy will be here soon!

Holly said... glad I could make you laugh, hahaha! It's a riot over here. I made my dental hygenist laugh yesterday when I couldn't sit up to swish the water she put in my mouth, and I couldn't ask her to help me with my mouth full of was awful!!
Denise, gotta love your mom's honesty. Ha! I know-it's the worst "full" feeling!
Thanks, Misty-I can't W-A-I-T!!