Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Day and Gold Sneakers

..did I ever show you the cute ad that is coming out this month in Celebrate magazine?  heehee, it's my girl! : )
We did that photo shoot with Jeremy Caviness last summer (..remember the dE-Lish cupcake shop?? Yum!), anyway I finally uploaded phone pictures...

Yesterday we went to Sam's to get my new tires (the ones I asked for for Christmas?)-I was nervous about driving without them in snow or ice.  And I knew Today was coming.  I had to have Mary Claire at the orthopedic surgeon's office at 8:20am!  I did call at 8am to make sure they were open, and they were!  So, we set out.  It was icy in Springdale, but they had salted/graveled (I actually followed the truck!), and then the big 540 bypass was totally dry.  Fayetteville streets were also dry, so I can see why they had school (I forgot to mention we didn't!).  Mary Claire had more xrays today:
because I forgot to take a picture last time (and she didn't even have to change into a gown!)

Can you see the cracks in her upper humerus?  One is coming in from the bottom (arm pit) towards the upper growth plate line, and the other crack is from the outside up to the line.  She already has some bone that's grown over the cracks to heal them-in ten days!
She doesn't need surgery, praise the Lord!  Even after all the goofing off (sliding!) she's been doing.  She has to wear the sling for four more weeks, and we'll have more xrays on February 9th.  She can't exercise or put any pressure on her arm.

Then we ran errands (she had some money for her A's on her report card that was burning a hole in her pocket!), went to Hobby Lobby and Wal-Mart, then home.  I was ready to work on some pump pouches! : )  I had a Pay-It-Forward debt to pay forward!  My first project was to make a pump pouch for a little girl we were going to see tonight.  She wanted pink and peace signs.  I knew Mary Claire would like the same thing, so I made her one too.
We started with fabric-you have to prewash it so it won't shrink!
My plan was to make two for Mary Claire-one for Valentine's Day, and the peace sign one for both girls

Then, I cut out the pieces-it takes four (front, back, loop, and long strip for the waistband).

Then I work some sewing magic with a zipper, velcro, and elastic...and they are pump pouches! : )
While I started working, I had three little bundles playing outside!  I just had to stop and take pictures.  It was only 14 degrees here, and the wind chill was below ten, so I wrapped their noses and mouths with scarves-quite adorable.  They made us laugh-when we cleaned our garage (on my birthday if you remember), we threw out the sled-it was broken.  So the kids pulled stuff out of the big pool toy box to slide down the hill on!  They used a "skateboard", a boogie board, and an innertube!

love their scarf-masks : )  (Ethan came to the front door and told me his scarf was wet with snot.  Yay.
Ok, just one more activity..we had our JDRF Awards Ceremony this evening at Fast Lane!  We had pizza, awards, and got to ride go-karts! : )

NWA JDRF Walk Awards Ceremony

Her first award was for the Silver Team award-raising between $2500-$4999 for the JDRF Walk To Cure 2010.

Her second award was the Golden Sneaker Award (her name is fourth on the left) for individually raising at least $1000.

Up at the front with her Golden Sneaker (a glass sneaker safely tucked away in a padded box!)

I think it's her fifth or sixth one?  She did break one, but now she takes better care of them! : )

 I like that this year's golden sneaker is more oval-ly.  It's usually a shapely sneaker, that's not so stable on the base, hence the broken one.  This one seems stable!

And then...the FUN!  We used our tickets to ride go-karts!  I got this picture since Clay got to go with the group before us, after that, I rode every time, and my camera was packed away in my purse.  Sometimes, I'm having too much living life to take pictures of it! : )
Oh, what a great day-we began with good news (and a Snow Day), and ended with joy.  Hope you had a sweet day too!

Don't forget-I'm still taking comments for a $25 gift certificate to CSN.com!  I'll announce the winner on Thursday, January 13th-only T-W-O days away! : )


The Ware's said...

So glad everything is healing ok!!!

Holly said...

Thank you! It is going well. We go back in four more weeks for more xrays. I"m glad they are watching it-Clay hit her arm yesterday, and I just hope it doesn't get worse! : )