Sunday, January 2, 2011

Blinging of the Sling

So.  We live in Arkansas, and weird things happen here.  We just had a tornado, and today it's dead birds falling from the sky.  Yes, up to 5,000 birds to be exact-within a one-mile radius.  I told them not to shoot off fireworks on New Year's Eve-it should be reserved for Independence Day, when the birds expect loud bangs.  You can check here to read more from CNN, or to see the Video.  It's crazy times, people!

Alrighty, back to my reality.  I've been monopoly-busy!
still early in the game-notice the abundance of money, and the lack of hotels to visit?
We played again on New Year's Day-with the kids, till midnight!  We finally quit, but Mom won.  I think it I were to do some research (for fun), I'd probably do some gaming research.  My hypothesis would be that whoever gathers the most property on their first two trips around the board will win the game (providing they are at least 9, and they buy at every opportunity).  If you land on Chance, Just Visiting (jail), and Income Tax, you aren't going to last long, FYI.

We ate dinner at mom's house, and I brought my friend's (Kathy) amazing Sweet Potato Casserole.  It's WoNdErFuL!  I just love it (even for dessert, but shh..don't tell anyone!)  I called her yesterday after I bought lots of sweet potatoes (on sale!  only 38 cents a pound-guess they overestimated Christmas sweet potato sales?), and called Kathy for that elusive recipe!  She said she was on her way home, and told me to boil, cool, and peel them while I waited.  Just when I was ready to call her, she called-I had no idea she was driving home from Nebraska!  I thought she was out running errands.  I felt kinda bad, but I loved her sweet potatoes, so all in the name of food. ; )

Here is the mixture before the baking:
After baking (with that yummy topping!):
And a close-up of that topping (with optional coconut!)  Ahh, a masterpiece, who'da thunk a veggie could be so delicious?
Ok, I think I talk about food too much.  Maybe I should join the ranks of millions with a weight-minded goal for New Year's?  Nahh.

To update you, here's Sissy's current mouth situation, since you've all been missing those braces-pictures.
Yes, I thought it was a pretty clear picture too!  See how nicely her front teeth have lined up?  And she chose turquoise this time (good invention, orthodontists!)

Don't know if you can see it, but she lost a tooth!  See the front four?  Look to the left-there's a socket right in front of the back two. (Remember she got the two around the Front Four pulled this past spring.)
And then we had the excitement of Clay finally finishing his train!  It was the Lego Toy Story 3 Train, with all the cute little characters.  Ches and I argue over the pig.  In the movie, his name is Hamm, and Ches thinks his name is Evil Dr. Porkchop-but that's only when they are playing!  There's such a difference.  ..Yet..he is wearing the hat.

Do you see how short Buzz is?  Ches says (and he's the authority) that he's smaller than Jessie and Woody even in the movie!  Do you remember that?
Ethan just loves all things Toy Story, and wanted to get his sticky fingerprints all over this shiny new toy, but Clay would have none of that.  He did finally show us the train-see the gray car?  It has a trap door on top-you pull the stick, and the floor caves in!  And inside that car, there is a box of red dynamite sticks-adorable! Umm, I mean cool.

And then, there was the blinging of the sling.  We had to get it all spruced up to make it Worthy, heehee.  The mom (Jana) of one of her friends brought over her magic bling-er (GeMagic!) so we could make some shiny, rhinestone magic happen!  We used some of her little 4-pronged rhinestones with the big stapler-like contraption-so cool!-and I didn't do the best job.  I tried to get them evenly spaced, but it was hard!  I couldn't tell where the center would be, so I felt like a bling-failure.
You can't even see the sparkle.
I decided to finish on a good note, and we went to Holly Lobby (she renamed it in my honor), and bought an iron-on sequin monkey (try to contain your laughing!).  I stitched it in place, and ironed a monkey onto her velcro arm-holder.  He is cute.

And she loves him.  Doesn't that count?

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