Saturday, August 8, 2015

Quaint Chestnut Hill, PA..Love!

So..we got home, and I flopped down with exhaustion and laundry!  Oops.  
There was so much more to our trip..I think I got behind, haha..story of my life! : )

Here's some more of our trip..  We drove back to Philadelphia to see Ches' Aunt Rita, his Aunt Karen, and Karen's son, Joseff and visit some more!   We also had a late lunch at Fiesta (a tradition) downtown in Chestnut Hill (Germantown Ave.), just two blocks from her house.  We love the area!!
Carter was sooo amused with the little mail flap!  He was looking in from the outside AND looking out from the inside!

Aren't these the CUTEST?!  Little pushers, bulldozers, and shovels for your youngest eaters!

The new toy store (Oxford Circus Toys) downtown was one of my favorite stores.  We also went into farmhouse/antique stores, gift shops, and had ice cream!

We bought the little red train in the foreground..he loved it! : )

I loved the little hand-sewn flags up high..they are not for sale.

This is the mural we saw them working on a couple years ago, each student got a portion of wall..doesn't it look wonderful?!

He was SO red from playing hard at the park downtown!  We were sitting outside a very breakable shop (Ches and big kids are looking inside), and he's opening his new train!

Cutest little ice cream shop and chalkboard!

They picked the chocolate-y, caramel-y, nutty, mocha ribbon-filled ones, and one big birthday cake scoop topped with gummy bears.  Yum.

Waiting for our scoops!  She got the first one, she's learned to speak up. : )  She also has her new glass case (in the bag), purchased at a flea market for her American Girls.

Aren't they the most adorable curtains?!

A game at dinner that we bought at the toy store.  It comes with instructions on the back (what it looks like from above, and sides)  and wood building strips and then you get to flip over to find out what it is!  This is a bus stop..pretty easy.

They progressively get harder.  This is the piano. : )  Especially tough when a bunch of kids are shaking the table!!
Sweet day that didn't require pumps off...Therefore, good numbers! : )  Always makes for a happy momma day.

Hope you are fitting in a few games with your kiddos this summer!  Coloring?  Markers?  Cutting paper dolls?  Postcards to family?  Play-doh?  Or just cards!  hugs, y'all!!

Up next?  Cedar Point and BiG RoLLeR CoaSTeRS!