Sunday, August 30, 2015

Back to School, BBQ, and Baseball..and a 600.

Pictures from vacation, notebooks for the kids' nurse and school, all on the back burner..  It's been a-c-t-u-a-l, make lunches, count carbs, sign papers, study for tests, back-to-school around here!

We were off to a rocky start the first two days of school..Mary Claire forget her meter, Ethan forgot his lunch box, and we had a few lows.  I guess they are a little more active at nine in the morning than they usually are at home, ha!

We think we've got it all sorted out.  Last week, we were rocking some amazing blood sugars at school!  The big kids are now at the same school, same lunch, so the nurse can send me their blood sugars together in one text message, SO HANDY! : )

But..then the weekend hit.  They've been exhausted, and hanging with friends..and eating.  Today was a big day with a Girl Scout kickoff BBQ and then we went to an Arkansas Naturals (minor league, farm team for the KC Royals) baseball game.  And thus began the highs.  Hot dogs, soda, chips, dippin' dots, funnel cakes, etc.  She was SIX HUNDRED before bed!! doesn't even begin to describe the frustration.  Clay was 232, and after her crazy high, that seemed almost magically wonderful.  Diabetes doesn't have any rules nor does it play fair.  Food of any sort throws it into orbit.  And I stayed on her all day to bolus for everything she was putting into her mouth.  It's just not an easy day when we aren't home or having packaged/carb counted food.  Whew. 

At least it was a great day with sweet friends all over northwest Arkansas. : )  I'm falling asleep, so I'd better go.  Another day awaits tomorrow!  Prayers for your kids, their friends, and calm days.  Hugs!  

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