Thursday, October 9, 2014

Pneumonia : (

Ethan does in fact have pneumonia.  We went back for x-rays on Tuesday, then for two rocephin shots and a new oral antibiotic.  The shots were about as fun as wrestling an octopus with two heads.  An angry one.  Took three of us..same as the flu test on Monday.  I tell you, that kids got some fight in him. ; )  It's a good thing we sat in the parking lot and prayed before we went in.  (He said he needed a few minutes to *get ready* could have been WORSE than a two-headed angry octopus, eek!!)

He's still coughing, but getting better.  Still no school.  He's just tired (and cough-y).  I know I already said that, but he's been really good about keeping a water bottle in his hand all the time.  He's a precious.  It's been good to have the time with him.
Momma's too lazy to go see if he cleaned his she sends him up to take pictures.  I personally think I'm a GENiUS!
We've 'homeschooled' this week.  We did some writing, counted coins (more than he'd like), subtracted and added coins, and did some spelling.  He missed last week's spelling test, and it looks like he might miss this week's. : (  But he's ready just in case.
Gigi brought him some cappuccino..he's happy.  Except about the coin counting.

I love him and that cutie I'm potty-training, but I'm pooped(no pun intended, haha!)  My pre (religious education) class is more than I can handle with 32 kids in a moldy, tiny, noisy room.  I'm overwhelmed, and I don't feel like they are getting the best out of the class either.  It speaks volumes about how our church feels about these kids too.  I'm not happy, and something has to change.  Obviously I have loads of self-confidence since I'm venting here about it rather than doing something about it. (ha!)  I actually have typed a letter to our director..I'm just sleeping on it, and I'll read it again tomorrow to make sure it wasn't written too hastily/with too much emotion.  I kinda know how I can be. ; )  Emotional?  Nah..
..still potty training.  More pee in the potty than out, woohoo!  In this picture, he was still pant-less.  He's sooo modest, he wraps his lovely blankie around his body.  But he doesn't dare pee on it!!  ..And he's now up to wearing undies.  SO cute.  Love those little tushies in teensy undies.

Tonight Clay played (with the marching band) at the junior high game!  We went to watch and to serve snacks after the halftime show.  He's a sweetie.  I'm glad he made it, there are some great kids in his group!

See the young lady on the 40 yard line in the dress?  He's behind her between the 40 and 45 yard line..if that makes any sense!
Yes, I have a nice camera.  No, I don't use it.  I don't even know where the battery charger might be.  I might learn to use it again.  In the next year.  I'm busy right now, ha!  
One more picture for you.  I have seriously cried today.  I don't know if it's stress or high emotion (the potty training, maybe?), hormones (have you ever tried to take a shower while your adorable child is sitting on the potty chair watching tv?), (and the potty hasn't come yet?) (and you've already waited two hours?), nervousness at sending a distress email, the need to go to the store for some groceries with two little boys who are both having bathroom troubles (one on STRoNG antibiotics, hint, hint! ..and did I mention the other was potty training?), or maybe I was just feeling sorry for myself.  But this ministered to me:
Ann Voskamp often ministers to me.  She is gentle, loving, and understands.  And she's an artist, bonus.
We all get to those places where we have given a-l-l we have..and there is nothing left.  It's painful, and we have to lean into God.  I've been here before, and it won't be the last time.  If you are there, I understand.  (If not, pray for me to get out!)  (Just kidding..kinda.)  It's not the worst ever, I just have to cry out to God.  To direct me.  To show me the path.  To keep my family covered in prayer.  Ches wants to let Clay go on a retreat with another church this weekend.  I think it is a Good Thing..but I'm crazy nervous.  Think Diabetes.  Meds.  Alone.  Without Guidance.  I guess I'm growing my faith one gigantic step at a time.  This is something he very much wants to do..and I'm trying to let go (of control, I think).

Praying for you right now.  That you can let go, and let God.  Whatever is weighing on your heart.  The Bible never tells us to worry.  Not once.  I'm going to turn this day over to Him.  Hope you can too! : )  Hugs!

Do not worry about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.  Philippians 4:6 

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