Wednesday, September 25, 2013

We're Crazy

There once lived a crazy family.   One who chose to take their four littles on an adventure.  A big adventure that is still changing their lives.  Nothing as amazing as the Carneys going to Africa to staff a home for kids, or anything like that.  Just crazy in our little part of the planet. ; )

Our garage doors are CLassy.

They learned sacrifice.  Like when the biggest sleeps on the couch so he doesn't wake the baby sleeping in his room.

They learned patience from watching their home grow s-l-o-w-l-y.  And when watching things get fixed slowly, but surely.

The littles learned to p-l-a-y on big equipment, in sand and brick chunks, and even in wood scraps.  (They also learned to love the baths that came soon afterward each night.)

They learned kindness when they entertained neighbors each night by showing them around.

They practiced sheer giddiness when they saw the storage.  And were thrilled for their family to be able to store Sam's quantities of paper towels, toilet paper, and Cheerios.

They learned wild abandon when they saw the pool outline.

And they learned respect for the awesome men who've poured their days into a house that they won't live inside.  The workers who do an honest job, and incredible work.  This is why you let people do what they are good at..they rise up and excel at the gifts God blessed them with.

Prayers for your family and mine..that we can rise up to what God calls us to! : )  Whether it's mission work, home building, bringing joy to others, or just building a family.
Hugs to y'all!!

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