Friday, September 27, 2013

Adding the Pool

Progress is always good!  We have been watching things change at the house every day, and it's getting exciting.  I love seeing trim, smelling wood, and watching the house transform.  Almost as good as growing a baby. : )

Front Porch..expanded.  Much better.

Dining Room ceiling.  Hopefully that white ceiling will temper the navy walls. ; )

Back of my closet is done.  Love that window for light!!

Inside Front Door

So here goes our next adventure..and here's praying it all ends up finished at the same time! : ) 
Mary Claire climbed right up..and wanted her picture made!  The equipment left on the property has been at least as entertaining as the house itself!
After a lot of deliberation (and estimates, budget-busting, and shopping around..), we decided to go forth with the pool.  We had one at the last house, and it was used nearly every day from May till Halloween.  They loved it.  And it meant family time.  Ches just couldn't see moving and not having made moving worthless he said.  So, we limited some of the things we'd wanted, like size! and changed a few things to make it work.  We also ordered our own tile, and it came in a couple weeks ago.
..obviously didn't edit this one!
We saved so much just on that!  It's the tile we used on the last pool..but this time, it was going to be $1800 just for the tile!!  Yes, absolute cray-crazy.  Found it from the actual distributor for half.  Ches did have to drive to Ft. Smith to pick it up, but all's good.
Can you tell he's excited?!  He can almost fly.  He transmogrified into a bird..and really believed it.  :scary!:
Here is the shape dug out, framed with rebar, and plumbing half finished.  We should see some gunite by next week.
So..with that going up, and the house getting closer (maybe 6 weeks out now?), I'm still looking a few weeks ahead.  I found some chandeliers online today for my closet:
Seriously..only $218 for two with my Overstock coupon.
and for Mary Claire's room:
She loved it.  She wants her room very French.  We'll see.  $99 (on
I obviously had some time today..this morning we had lunch with some friends.  But..this afternoon?  Ches took the big kids to the movies, and Carter took a great nap.  I am drooling over one more light..but I have to see if I can make it work.  I requested two lights in my pantry, so there are two sockets. (I know there is a better word..I just can't recall it this minute..or the next.)  The light fixture I love is a one-holer.  I'd have to have the socket moved, and the other two sheetrocked over.  Is it worth it?
See?  Pantry worthy.  I know..but I love it!!
And while I couldn't decide, and left this one decision still up in the air..I got to love on this sweet boy.  He loves those days when I make my bed..he crushes my squashy pillows, and messes it all up.  And I just want to take pictures of him!

Mary Claire took this with her iPod!  She sent it to me...I love it!  He just adores her.  She said she bribed him with a Twinkie.  Good Lord, he's cute.
Better wind it down, I'm heading to Joplin early in the morning to hang out at 2Friends&Junk.  I can't wait!  Hopefully I won't bring home too much junk. ; ) haha! 
G'night, hugs!

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