Thursday, June 7, 2012

It's All About the Numbers!

Oh gosh.  I only ever have time for a quickie.  ; )  Here are some Picture People pictures, and if I'm behind sending you a thank you note for your graciousness, please forgive me!!  I'm going as fast as I can!

And then…yesterday was our endocrinology appointment.  Mary Claire had a too-high a1c, and she was honest about why.  I have tried so hard to micromanage her blood sugar, every carb in (we even count gum now!), and I'm constantly rechecking her basal.  All that to say…it wasn’t my human error.  (can I say thank goodness, or is that wrong?)
She told me that all those food wrappers I’d found in her room, she had indeed consumed.  She said she wasn’t so much sneaking food (my words) as hiding extra food when she asked for a snack (I know, mincing words).  She said she’d hold a pack of peanut butter crackers with 2 protein bars behind them, and ask for a snack.  When we said yes, give yourself a bolus…she’d bolus for the crackers and one protein bar.  The other she just ate. (!)  She said she thought if the carb number in the bolus was too high, I’d find it in her bolus history. (ha! She gives me tooo much credit.)  So, this is the Random High Culprit.  I’m just glad to get it out in the open honestly.

She obviously doesn’t want me mad at her, and I asked her if she thinks I’d rather find her 400 or find an extra bolus, and she didn’t know. (!)  Does she know me at all?  It’s all about the numbers.  So, I told her what I’d rather find.  We discussed it all with the doctor too, since I’ve been feeling awful about why her a1c has been higher the past two visits, and why I can’t figure out the random high numbers.  I felt like I had some ‘splaining to do.  So we both felt bad. 

Better now, thank goodness.  He said we need to make a list/spot for snacks she can have ANYtime, even 10 minutes before dinner, so she has some autonomy.  Good idea.  Gotta add that to my Things To Do list. ; )

And add to Momma's grief?  I got a 'letter' in the mail about Ethan's kindergarten testing.  Seems we still have some work to do.  He doesn't know his nickel or dime and their values, doesn't know what an exclamation point, period, comma, or question mark are (or mean!), and can't count to 50 properly.  Umm..and has to point to words as I read them in a book...there's a little more.  Let's just say when he woke me up at 7 this morning (after going to bed at 11:30 and feeding a baby all night), I made him breakfast and sat at the bar with him reading books, and TEACHING!!  It's been a long time, but I can't believe he's deficient. : (  I can't let them remember I'm a teacher!  I'm a disappointment to my profession!  (well, I am out of a contract and even my license is expired at this point...) ; )  Is that explanation enough?

Hope your littles have good numbers... and know their numbers! ; )


Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

Ah, wonderful semantics!
Glad you were able to come up with a snack plan to try to fix the issue.
I totally understand how you feel with Ethan's need for extra help. Bean's fallen behind and although I know a lot of it was having to be out of the classroom for D stuff last year and not having some of the foundation skills down (didn't know she was behind last year) I'm totally blaming her teacher mommy for her deficiencies.
All we can do is work with them...and it sounds like you are doing that. :)

Love the pictures!!! :)

Misty said...

Beautiful pictures!! You are truly blessed. And I'd say that the best thing that came out of that little too high a1c is a conversation. You know, sometimes it's hard to know what is in our littles' heads. I'm glad she fessed up to the extra snacking and you have the opportunity to work out a compromise.

Unknown said...

Love the pix Holls...and so glad that the "extra-snacking without coverage" came out between you and she. That had to have been a bit hard. Love to you and the fam.

Holly said...

Yes, absolutely hard! I'm trying to not get mad, since she was honest. I always tell I prefer the truth. Just gotta try to get back on top of things! ..but now she's eating all those foods around the clock! Hard.
You guys are sooo sweet-thanks for being so nice..The DOC is the best! : ) love u guys!!

Kim said...

Glad to hear you found the "reason" - the sneaking thing is something I did, too - and I'm pretty sure I STILL haven't ever told my parents! (Though I'm pretty sure they figured it out...)

You're doing great. Don't ever doubt that.

Tracy1918 said...

First, we love Picture People too! They've always done great photos for us and yours are fantastic as well!

I'm so glad you had the talk with Mary Clare. What a blessing that she was open and honest with you. And your response was great!!

I think diabetes requires a lot of open communication and when our kids feel free to do that, it's gotta help later on.