Sunday, April 8, 2012

Second Verse-Same as the First

Same ol' story!  I'm still around..and baby is still inside.  We are at 37.5 weeks now, and I go back on Monday and Thursday for non-stress tests and cervical checks.  Still waiting on some dilation.  I've been off progesterone for ten days, so maybe this week?  I've read 8-12 days off should be enough.  I can't say that I'm counting on tomorrow, since I'm depressed every time I have to leave the doctor's office/hospital with no baby in my arms.  I'd rather prepare for going home, and be happily surprised (ha, with surgery!).

..and Happy Easter, by the way!  We started bright and early with Easter baskets and breakfast (and candy..), and even had time for Easter egg hunts before church (and after too, of course).
I am finally very cow-looking, so just the kids get to be in pictures. ; )
..I set the oven to bake our ham, but when we got home, it was still cold!  When it works, it works well, when something goes wrong, plans are thrown off..  We went out to lunch, and we'll have our ham for dinner.  I also got a huge Italian Cream Cake this weekend, and I can't wait to eat it.  (even before dinner!)  When we went out, I could barely walk.  I'm having a case of big-baby-head-in-my-pelvis, and it's totally uncomfortable.  We ate outside, and I even escaped out the back way-I was too embarrassed to walk back through the restaurant!

On the way home, I thought I would die.  (well, not die, just push a baby out..)  There was so much pressure, and he was rotating around in my pelvis, and kicking my ribs.  Ches even loaded up my suitcase into the van, and called the doctor/nurse on call.  He's ready-and SO wants him here on the 8th.  By the time I laid down for a while, things calmed down.  I think I can make it till tomorrow morning.  Having a baby is tough business.  The beginning is scary, the middle is long, and the end?  Just as unnerving!  There is never a clear-cut plan, so you are doing some heavy relying on faith, and calling out to Jesus in the best of moments.

Ok, in my uploading..I have found two more pix-one is my sweetie on the downtown square the last time we went out to lunch, and the other?  My Easter-sorry-you-don't-have-your-baby-yet gift. : )

Hope you are having a wonderfully blessed Easter!  If Jesus can withstand the cross for me, I think Carter and I can tough out a few more days.  Here's praying for each of you to bear your crosses, and me to accept mine too.  Hugs, ya'll!


Amy@Diapeepees said...

Love the ring...worth the baby wait!

childhood anxiety treatment said...

The kids are so adorable.