Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Not Yet..

The good thing about progesterone is it keeps you pregnant...and the bad thing about progesterone is..it keeps you pregnant. : /

I went back to see my doctor today for another non-stress test (NST) and for another check.  No progress.  I am so surprised. (well, and add to that frustrated, sad, and incredibly disappointed that I won't meet my baby tomorrow)

So, now..more waiting.  I go back on Friday for another NST and another cervical check.  I don't even know whether I should be praying for changes or not.  I really didn't want to be in the hospital on the weekend, much less over Easter, but the thought of my water breaking is super scary.

I know you don't know the whole story (and probably don't want to!), but with Clay I was induced, labored quickly, and delivered before I had time to get an epidural.  With Mary Claire, my water broke, and by the time I got to the hospital, she was crowning, and again..no epidural (..and a fourth degree tear.  Yes, that's all-the-way-through.)  So, to prevent the tearing again (and potential colostomy bag in my near future), we scheduled a c-section for Ethan.  Same this time.  And if my water breaks, I probably don't have 30 minutes.  Not nearly enough time for an epidural/calm c-section...so we try to head it off by watching and waiting for signs that the baby (well, my body!) is ready.

And..all signs point to...not today.  (sound a little Magic 8 Ballish?)  That's about the amount of info I have currently. : /

Guess it's a good thing I have diversions.  Clay ran into a brick wall yesterday at school, so we stressed over him having a concussion!  Then he had ball practice, Ethan had his first tball game last night, and Mary Claire had choir.  Today?  Choir concert (and that's a l-o-n-g story..), and two ball games.  It's been busy.  My naps have gone by the wayside.  I'm hoping for tomorrow ; )

And I have a whole new to-do list.  I've been keeping the house clean and laundry done, but I'm adding all sorts of new stuff to keep me busy. ; )  I figure I can make Mary Claire some new pump pouches, monogram more cloth diapers, lay out the kids' clothes for next week, figure out what they'll eat for breakfast (Ches wants me to buy those Jimmy Dean breakfast bowl things..have you tried them?) since they have benchmark testing all week.  I won't be able to climb the stairs, or do all the things I'm managing now.  And I guess I can get ready for baby announcements?  Can you think of anything else?  I've finished three books since last week.  I'm having trouble finding meaningless (light) stuff to read!


The Ware's said...

Sending hugs.. the last days/weeks are the worst - with Emily I took off at the end of October - with a 11.10 birthday it gave me lots of days to just wait.. ugh! Thinking of you though.. can't wait to meet Carter!! :o)

Kendra said...

It's so hard WAITING!! Prayers for you and sweet Carter. :) Try to enjoy sleep?? (if that's possible). ;) He'll be here soon and it will make all the waiting and preparing worth it! Hugs!