Thursday, March 15, 2012

Barefoot and Pregnant

Hey ya'll! ...what busy days we've had!  Ethan got his adorable glasses on Monday:
and I finally got my braces off ; )  It's wonderful (if not kinda slimy feeling..), but now I have a little chain mounted behind my bottom teeth to keep them straight.  When I asked how high it was (wanting to know if I could floss!), she said right across the middle, and I'd need floss threaders.  Um..that was what I was so excited about when my braces were coming off!  (You seriously don't appreciate being able to floss uninhibited until you have lots of brackets, wires, and rubber bands inside your mouth) I couldn't wait.  But, now they are making me a new thingie to go in there that is scalloped, so I can floss.  It requires a bracket on the back of all those bottom teeth, so I'm not really ahead...but I'll be able to floss.

And my top retainer still hasn't come I'm wearing this invisalign-looking clear tray that is SUPER tight, and I can't get it out.  I finally called Ches at 1:20 on Monday to ask what I should do (since I was STARVING!!).  I went through my purse and the van, and finally used a wooden clothespin to pry it off my teeth (and yes, that's still what I'm using to get it off). Fun, I tell you.  But I have now eaten nuts, whole chicken nuggets, and a sandwich.  It's nice to not have bread or chunks in your teeth. ; )  Now..I just really want to whiten them.  But I read today, that I should wait till after I have the baby!  Oxidation apparently can kill cells and stuff?

We've had a (5-year-old) well-visit for Ethan (he's starting kindergarten this fall), and he got FOUR shots!  He freaked out, and a nurse had to hold him while two others gave him the shots..he was seriously going to injure me.  Then he developed a fever and headache..long story leading to today (and no school since then..) we went back to the doctor, and he has a "cold" and leakage from his ear (which I thought was ruptured..but it's just leaking from the tube that miraculously is still there?  They told me in December it was out.)  Crazy stuff.

Then we've had the most amazing weather (have you too?)!  It's been in the 80's and upper 70's, so WARM!  We pulled out shorts and sandals and flip flops and played outside.  Both boys have started baseball practices, and Clay is practicing for soccer too.  Warm weather brings spring and ball games. ; )
Love those play-outside-barefoot days.  Totally safe on a scooter.  Not!  Thank goodness for no boo-boos!

She was totally posing for me the entire time.  I thought it was cute anyway! visits.  I'm going tomorrow for my doctor, and I start weekly now.  I'm really anxious to see if anything is going on with all these contractions.  And Mary Claire has her 3 month endocrinology appointment tomorrow.  I am (super) hoping for a great a1c with all her improved nighttime blood sugars.

Ethan's preschool conference was today, and...he's smart! ; )  He knew everything they tested for, so I was thankful.  You never know if it's all sinking in.  I can't wait for him to learn to read, and he is really excited about going to school this fall.  I hope it's a great experience for him..I'm praying for a great teacher.  He just needs to work on sitting still in circle time when it's not something interesting to him.  Hmm..I think I need to work on that too.

And Ches had his last official day at work today.  He's taking some leave to help here more, and we met him for lunch for the last time.  Next fall, it'll just be me and Carter meeting him.  Exciting, but we are ready for the next stage. ; )

I'm thankful for a peaceful (if not slightly warm..) house.  Clay is exhausted after soccer and baseball practices tonight, Mary Claire is preparing to be a judge at the Poetry Slam tomorrow (and edited her last poem-a quatrain) tonight, and Ethan's finally on antibiotics and sleeping soundly..even if it's right beside me. ; ) He's been up the last two nights with fever, headache, and ear pain.  I hope I get some sleep now too!   Praying for a peaceful night at your house too : )

ps-here are some more pix I found on my phone when I finally plugged it back in : )
Ethan in Carter's room, in Carter's chair, with Carter's new book. ; )  But, could you refuse such a cutie?

Mary Claire at her patch ceremony on Sunday at girl scouts...this is the best smile I could get..there were cupcakes waiting on her! ; )

How cute is this?  Sandra made frames for the girls' artwork-I love them!  I need to make some for my refrigerator! : )


Jen Snow said...

I'm so glad that you are doing good! The only picture we are missing is a few of Mommy & Carter!! Gotta' get some pregnancy pictures in. In a few months, it will seem like a distant memory and you need them to look back on. After all ~ you make one beautiful pregnant lady!! ;D

Amy@Diapeepees said...

Those glasses are indeed the cutest...and love your daughter's yellow dress, always such a fashion plate.

Heidi / D-Tales said...

Trying to catch up on blogs. You have been on my mind and so I was happy to read all of your updates. Hooray for a peaceful house, cute kids, and flossing! :)

Unknown said...

Great updates and Hip Hip Hooray on getting the braces off!