Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ultrasound Pix and What I Think About

I can't believe all the years I spent being unthankful for the kids' health when they were babies (and when they were preborn).  I used to smile when the doctor listened to the heartbeat, but I expected it.  I didn't think bad things really happened to people like me. makes me cry to hear a heartbeat.

I had a good doctor's appointment last Friday-an ultrasound then doppler to see if we could pick it up yet (my doctor's good like that-he knew if we did doppler first, I'd freak out for a few minutes till we saw an ultrasound!), but we couldn't.  But everything was fine, and we knew since we'd just seen a strong heart on ultrasound.

Today, different story.  We went in just for doppler, to hear the heartbeat (we thought I was ready.  Ha!)  We saw a new doctor (they called at nine last night to say my doctor had a family emergency, and they rescheduled me), and she was sick, but wonderful.  She got it.  (Very Important.)  She tried doppler for a few minutes, but no luck.  We were sent down to the high tech ultrasound (finally...abdominal ultrasound!), and I experienced some déjà vu right away.

The last time I'd been in that room was with the twins last March.  I was also 12 weeks exactly.  So to sit on that table..was surreal.  Then she started the ultrasound, and last year came flooding back-my ignorance that there was no sound coming from the babies, my ignorance when she said she was going to get the doctor.  All of it, was right there in the room with me.

I just cried when I heard the heartbeat and she measured the sound waves to get a strong heartbeat of 164.  Just relief and thankfulness.
Real Sound Waves!

The baby was moving all over the place, but she caught a side profile ; )
My friends tell me all those prayers we prayed for all those babies were saved up, and they are for this baby.  I don't know, I just trust that God has a plan, I'm in it, and and currently we have a very healthy, exact-size-for-date baby growing.  Could it really be the real thing?  Could I really meet this child?  That's what I think every day.

That and I wish it was easier to go to the bathroom.  Pregnancy and progesterone really slow down your system.  I only share this for selfish reasons.  ADVICE??  Yes, I'm eating fiber, fruits and vegetables, beans...but dairy is my enemy.  And I need calcium!  I'm going to work on it-I just looked up top sources of calcium and get this, here they are in order:
1. dried herbs (!)
2. cheese
3. sesame seeds
4. tofu
5. almonds
6. flax seeds
7. yogurt, milk, and other dairy (really, down at #7?)
8. green leafy veggies
9. brazil nuts
10. herring (no, thanks)

See?  I'm going to be okay.  I'll eat some dried herbs and almonds, and lots of sesame seeds. : )  (and don't nuts have fiber?)

Praying for all my pregnant friends, and those that desperately want a child (I know how that feels too), that they may see the joy in a sweet baby, new from Heaven.  And for friends and relatives newly in Heaven-that they rock the babies already there.


Amy@Diapeepees said...

I didn't know you lost twins. How heartbreaking. A woman goes through so much in a lifetime, but now seems to be a time of joy. So glad to see that little bean on the ultrasound.

Heidi / D-Tales said...

Dried herbs? Who knew?!

More importantly, hooray for a heartbeat!!!!


Leigh said...

Praying for you everyday, Holly!! I just can't help but be sooo excited!! And 164... GIRL!!! :)Love ya!!!

Nicole said...

Love that heartbeat sound!! It's a great thing!!

Misty said...

Holly, this post made me cry. It was beautifully written and I felt like you were sitting here with me telling me your story over a cup of coffee (or something else since I don't drink coffee;) Congratulations on a very special heartbeat! Praying for your and baby's continued good health.

Jen Snow said...

Yeah!! Not only did you get to hear the heartbeat ~ you got to see your little one! So special!! :)

Holly said...

Awww...I love you guys! Thank you so much-we need your prayers, and they are carrying us along! : )

And Leigh-the doctor said the same thing!! : )
Misty-you made me cry! (hormones), but you are sooo sweet, thank you-I kinda feel like I'm talking to you too! I love my friends. xoxox

A heartbeat is pretty darn special-and I'm EVER so thankful for it!!!