Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Important Relevant Information

He told me there were rocks in his jacket pockets.  Why didn't I file that away under Important Relevant Information rather than That's Nice Info?  My washer was nice and clunky (and not good when your washer is only five years old!), so I checked it out to find quite a variety of clean rocks in it.  And then, thinking they were all washed out, I loaded the dryer.  To be fair, I checked a jacket pocket (after the misfiling recollection) to find it snapped, so I just finished loading the dryer assuming they were all out.
If you were me, you'd be wrong again.
I was having a nice tuck-in-the-kids-night, when I heard some really loud clanking coming from the dryer.  There were some dark things (jeans, snaps, buttons), so it didn't seem so odd. But then, I remembered the new rock collection.  I went down to find more colorful rocks (I thought his school playground had pea gravel?  These were sharp, and dark red to gray-pretty, and clearly these were scavenged for!)  (I'm hoping Mrs. Courtney isn't missing rocks from a collection.)

In the braces department...I am now the proud owner of a debriding agent.  Wanna just take a guess?  Nope, I don't file divorces.  I made a wimpy text to my orthodontist wanting to know if it was too late to switch to Invisalign, and he texted back, "Who is this?"  Hilarious (if you are me!)  I responded, and he told me it's not too late, and he's going on vacation till Monday, and then I'll be gone till Friday, so we'll talk the Monday after that...which leaves me in braces till then.
So.  I looked through my braces bag for help.  (I like that thing!)  I read all the coupons and advice.  There were three coupons and a printed picture of some new thing.  After I picked up the kids from school, I drove to the store.  I bought everything they recommended, and ordered the one thing, based on the picture!  Let's favorite is Colgate's Orabase (think baby's Oragel) (totally numbed my gums in about 1 minute! It only lasted about an hour though.  But..I was making froth around my mouth and could feel buildup of...something.)  Will totally use till it's gone!  My second favorite is the debrining stuff: Colgate's Peroxyl.  It is like using salt water (which I'm using a few times a day, and feels most soothing when it's warm) without the salt (at least it says its debrining, but doesn't list sodium).  My third new thing is the Phos-Fluor, which is a fluoride rinse to use after brushing to keep your teeth from getting white spots.  The ordered thingie is this brush that you rub on your gums to numb them.  It's called the Kank-A soft brush.  (I can't wait to get it!  Is that super-weird?  Don't answer.)  That Colgate rep is going to be so excited that I got braces!

So my bedtime routine now: I rinse with warm salt water, then brush, then floss, then use the Peroxyl, then the fluoride rinse, then put new wax over my brackets, then rub some Orabase into my gums.  All day it's the same except minus the fluoride! ; )


The Mom said...

So often I have quoted: Be careful what you wish for:O) lol You are hilarious.

Really, 'who is this'?

L & H

Holly said...

I know. I can't say that I *wished* for them, but I wanted straight teeth pretty bad!
Glad me and my fiance could humor you! : ) heehee

I know, I guess me and my BFF doc...aren't so close! hahaha : )

I'm bringing you cookies today!!

The Mom said...

Cookies!!! YAYYYYYY!