Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Short Mailbox

S.N.O.W. came to see us last night!  I don't think I've ever seen this much snow in my lifetime.  We got about 2 feet of snow, and drifts at about 40 inches!  We let the kids check it out-it may be the highest they'll ever see in their lifetime!  No..we didn't leave town, since there wasn't ice or a chance of power outage. : )
(oh-and I got the last of my Christmas stuff taken down-hooray for snow days!)
This is looking out the front door-and that stubbly little thing?  Yep, that's my mailbox!
Another of the front yard and mailbox..and it's still snowing!
Let's have a barbeque! : )  heehee  Ches had to clear out around the doors and windows today-it was condensing, and I was worried about moisture!
...or we could swim?  The entire pool must not be frozen over, or we wouldn't have that small warm spot. : )
I don't know if you can see, but the drifts are almost up to the middle board on the fence!
Clay was the first to wander out, or I should say, wade out!
And then Ethan waded out-at least waist high! : )
He was trying to decide what he could make..and snowballs were a possibility.  Too bad they couldn't sled.
And Mary Claire comes out..
She is a loyal snow angel maker.

And then..they stripped off their wet clothes (I did three loads of laundry), and we made cookies!
Yesterday, at Bible Study, my friend had the best cookies!!  I'd never had them, and after she told me the recipe was on the bag (of Andes' Mints), I had to have more!
You know those little rectangular mints you get at Olive Garden after dinner?  There are just chunks of those!  Kinda like brushing your teeth with cookies, they just feel healthy! (well.kind of..)

And the boys did some "work".  Ethan had to sign his valentines (he doesn't go back until Monday, but will make up school on Good Friday, Memorial Day, and one more day in June), and Clay had to make an emergency phone number list and a week's menu.

and when I looked outside tonight, I saw that Ches had shoveled the walk! (well, at least a path-can you see how high the banks are on either side!?)
I'm so thankful to be warm and safe.  We have food, heat, and water, and we have each other.  We had yummy fajita chili, our cookies, and played cards till we wore the kids out! : )  Thank you, God, for our blessings.  We pray that you had warm food and sweet company today!

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