Monday, December 19, 2011

Bad. Site. : (

I think she thinks it's my fault sometimes.  I got ready to change Mary Claire's pump site last night, and the first site (needle) I put in...slid right out.  They never do that. : (  Of bled.  And she cried.  Then, I opened another (really expensive) package (wasting the set of tubing that comes with), and tried again.  This time, the needle bent straight down-I'm guessing she squeezed her bottom in anticipation, and when you hit muscle...forget it.  I couldn't get the needle out of the tubing to save my we pulled the site again.

This time, I had to hold a tissue over the blood, and comfort her.  Bless her heart.  This is when the sadness comes out.  She asks the barrage of questions (the same ones I ask God about): Why does she have to have diabetes?  Why does she have to wear a pump?  Why does she have to change her site?  Why her?
Our medical waste.  For one site change.
We had to wait a while to try for the third time.  I had to convince her it would work, and we'd try something different (as opposed to the last 864 times I've changed her site).  She psyched herself up, and we opened another set, and got another site ready (had an IV Prep emergency: whoever stocked our last Medtronic shipment mixed up the new IV Prep pads with the old-and recalled-alcohol pads!!  Stress. and Guessing.).  Finally...we got a good site.  I also had to set her temporary basal UP after that awful drama, since adrenaline drives her blood sugar skyward.

Then she laid on the bed with me listening and feeling the baby move.  I knew she just needed some time and attention before bed-what we all need.  But today?  Most especially

I hate that those bad moments can overshadow our good ones.  We've had some sweet memory making despite all our bad lately (we won't even go there-I don't need the stress!).  She had her fourth grade musical (and I made her a shiny "M" shirt last minute to match her Eastside High cheer skirt-that's no longer so cool):
Right in the middle, looking at me! ; )
We made her an ornament to trade at Girl Scouts:
It was only about 2 inches after this Shrinky dink shrank!  LOVE these things!
And..she had a patch ceremony and got new patches for her uniform!
Thank you, God, for the good things we get to experience.  ..and Thank you for a pump to better control blood sugars, the supplies we need, a beautiful 88 this morning, and a daughter who'll let me try it-even a third time.

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Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

they sure are troopers!
so not fun when things that aren't great to begin with have to be done in triplicate!!