Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Low Reservoir

Oh gosh did it rain today!  Makes for crazy numbers and a home day!

Clay had 27 units left yesterday I knew he'd get a Low Reservoir alarm at some point yesterday.  I had a reservoir filled and waiting on him when he came downstairs this morning.  And..he was o-u-t.  I love those days when I'm riding the wave and ready!  It happens 2% of the time, so it's golden. ; )

And really..who changes before you have zero units?  haha!  (umm..probably normal people..we just aren't those people.) We used to have soo much left at site change time (like 50-100 units!), but now we ride into the ten units or less zone.  (that's a meal anymore! : O ahhh!)

We have now been in our house nearly two whole big fat years.  And I finally hung drapes in my bedroom! : ) yippee!!  I have a wittle baby who likes to twist himself into them and play hide and seemed appropriate to wait.  ..Or I just didn't want to drag out the ladder and the drill and the screwdriver and the ruler and a pencil and open the rod boxes, you get the idea.

We are on this new clean-everything kick.  We are getting ready to finish our attic space over the garage for a teen/kid hangout, so we have to clear out the storage/clothes/stuffed animals/old toys.  I can't lie, it's an amazing feeling.  We are doing two tubs a day.  ('s all I can handle.)  But the freedom that comes with getting rid of stuff (that we don't need, haven't missed, and just takes up our space), is phenomenal.  We all need less stuff..and maybe someone else will really need it, ha! : )
Have a great week! (..need some stuff?) : )


Unknown said...

Drapes look awesome! Us too... On going through gobs of insulin. ­čśô

Holly said...

Thank you, Reyna!! Still lots..guess it's puberty, haha!!